Want to add some bling to your smartphone? Cell phone charms are cool gadgets to transform your phone cutely and practically. You might have gone through many articles but this one will enlighten you about all the phone charms-related questions running on your mind. Well, phone charms are not only swayed the Western world but are becoming quite popular in-house amongst teenagers and college-going girls.

Phone charms India is just magical and congratulations that you are at the right place. We all have unique personalities and we express ourselves in varied manners. We can do it via art or artistic way. But one thing we all know is that we want to express ourselves to the fullest. Phone charms are a fashion of expression. Like we buy new clothes and style them in the way we like. Similarly, mobile charms do the same thing. 

What is the point of phone charms?

Cell phone charms are elaborated as small items that have a similar appearance to jewelry like bracelets. The only difference is that your phone wears this adornment. 

Phone charms are not just a piece of jewelry to gain attention, but they can be functional too. Like it acts as a flash, a torch, and a wristlet. The primary job of a charm is to hold your phone wrapped via wrist to keep your hands free. 

It is available in many designs and patterns including celebrity images, animations, fruits, emojis, cute characters, miniature real world, and a lot. This market is especially target-based and works for a younger generation. It is a way of expressing a young girl’s mood, nature, subject, movie, song, or pop culture.

One thing that people are not aware of is it has cultural roots in South Korea, Japan, and mainland China. It is more than decorating pieces and is prominent in Kawaii culture in Japan. There are many animated characters like Hello Kitty, Doraemon, Docomodake, etc. They are famous animated characters and can be seen as mascots in any product line. They are said to bring good luck and fortune to the wearer. 

Things that can be done with Phone Charms:

  • Put it on a keyring
  • Use it as a bookmark
  • Make a cushion bag.
  • Add it to a dreamcatcher.
  • Wear it as a charm bracelet.

Who started phone charms trends?

Amidst all the extravagant outfits, shiny jewels, and awestruck shoes people noticed a chic accessory on the Met Gala Carpet and that was a phone strap. It was adorned with beads and charms with vibrant colors and shapes. Bella Hadid, Gigi Hadid, and Vanessa Hudgens were spotted with the accessory dangling on their smartphones.

From here the trend of charms that was extremely popular in the 2000s was back. Over the year we spotted many celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Dupa Lipa, and BlackPink members’ Instagram selfies injecting fun into their handheld devices. And if you think that it was just a mere trend that was flaunted on the Met gala Carpet, Instagram and Tik Tok, let me tell you that it is a trend now.

Are phone charms still in?

Yes, they are! In the nineties, people adorn these cute tiny pieces as a fashion statement, and still, the world is loving to add them to their cell phones. As per the data, there is a 647% increase in searches from 2020-21. Gucci a famous brand has phone charms available in the market for hefty prices. This shows that people are taking interest in them once again. 

Where did Kendall Jenner get her phone charm?

Kendall Jenner got her phone charm from String Ting. Many social media influencers like Dupa Lipa, Miley Cyrus, Jennie from BlackPink, Gigi Hadid many many more got these tiny straps from the same store. This brand deals in luxury limited edition, unique, and hand-beaded tech accessories. 

It is quite famous among celebrities and models due to its bling colors and bead design. It is the perfect accessory to show off while clicking selfies. These straps are functional and let you carry your phone around at your wrist to keep your hands free when you are carrying a handbag or coach bag. 


Well, if you want phone charms and don’t wish to splurge on them. Don’t worry, try the DIY Phone Charms guide and create your very own personal accessory. It is also available online in many colors and patterns in affordable options. You can check them out. So next time someone asks you what the functionality of a phone charm tell them why you are carrying one.