What is Onion Recall mean? Are there other vegetables that were recalled in addition to onions? What kind of bacteria are Salmonella?

The condition of food poisoning can be a very common disease that can affect any person. Food poisoning is often caused by improper handling of food improper cooking or storage or eating food that is contaminated. The most frequent kinds of food poisoning include Cholera, Diarrhoea, Salmonella and Typhoid fever. If you’re interested in knowing what kinds of bacteria are in danger within Canadathese times you should read the following article Onion Canada Recall.

What is Salmonella?

Salmonella is a form of bacteria which can affect both animals and humans. Salmonella is typically present in chickens and can be responsible in food poisoning. For the human body, Salmonella causes gastroenteritis, which is a group of symptoms which affect the intestines, as well as other digestive tract.

Humans may contract Salmonella through three ways such as the consumption of food items that have been contaminated by the bacteria, the consumption of water that is contaminated as well as the inhalation of bacteria that have been aerosolized.

This condition can be dangerous, and could lead to death in certain instances. The bacteria also cause the illness known as typhoid, also known as salmonella.

Onion Canada Recall

The Salmonella bacteria was the reason that this is why the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) took all the onions that were sold by brands such as MVP Brand, Riga Farms, Dorsey brand, and the Pier-C brand.

The imported onions that come from Mexico are available for sale throughout Nova Scotia, Ontario, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, Quebec and Labrador.

Following the severe food poisoning outbreak caused by Salmonella The bacteria was discovered in the U.S and more than 650 cases were reported. This led to the CIFA recently issued a formal announcement to ban the consumption of onions. In the end, restaurants, vegetable vendors as well as other distributors who are in the right position to offer or sell raw onions.

onion Canada Take note of RecallYellow White and Yellow onions from the brands previously mentioned. The notice also states in the media to inform people to be cautious about the consumption of the consumption of onions in their home. Because Salmonella bacteria, which causes food poisoning, could be life-threatening.

Other Details

Only onions and not other vegetables were recalled in the wake of the contamination of some regions of United States. The source was known prior to the outbreak which made it simple for CFIA to recall affected products only.

But, this story wasn’t as simple as you believe. It wasn’t the only time onions were removed from the market following an outbreak of a bacterium.

Similar to the Onion Canada recall There were many other instances in which foods were recalls after having been contaminated by E. E. coli. Onions are thought to be a major source of food poisoning most likely because of E. E. coli that is present on their leaf.


As we mentioned earlier the spread of the bacteria can be fatal which is why if you’re located in these regions that are located in Canadaor in the United States, you must avoid eating onions. The spread of Salmonella is stopped.

If you’re curious about the names and the exact nature of the onion of the one flagged with contamination by the CIFA website, click the link to the url.