A reputed brand’s room air purifier incorporates in its range of purifiers a sensor that analyzes the quality of the air by permanently scanning the invisible contaminants present in the environment and detecting even the smallest changes in the quality of the room in which it is located in real-time. In addition, it offers the user this information through a color ring, making the quality of the air tangible in different colors, so that, at a glance, we can see if the current air in the room is suitable for our health.

Extending the limits of the domestic environment toward professional, health, and educational environments

The growing interest in knowing the quality of the air we breathe indoors extends beyond the domestic environment. Good air purifiers are developed and manufactured in compliance with all safety regulations and standards (IEC / EN 60335-1 IEC / EN 60335-2-65) and can be safely used in a wide range of indoor environments, which, in addition to homes, include other rooms such as offices, health environments, schools or dental clinics, among many others.

Recent studies carried out by the A good Quality team show that good air purifiers can be used continuously 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for a period of three years, although as a general rule, these types of products located in professional environments are used in a similar way to their use in homes, that is, an average of 12 to 16 hours per day, which would significantly extend the useful life of the product.

However, the maintenance of the product and the correct use of its filters is key for the purifier to work with the fullness of its characteristics. The service life of a good air purifier filter depends on the user’s environment and the regular maintenance performed by the user. For best performance, the Air purifier with HEPA filter should be replaced by the user when the filter change alert is received via the device’s own screen or via the Clean Home+ mobile app (for connected good air purifiers).

Many educational centers, pharmacies, and dental clinics have already incorporated good air purifiers in their facilities to ensure continuous clean air in classrooms, now that, with the arrival of cold, natural ventilation of closed spaces it gets complicated. “The quality of the air that we breathe in the school, both the students and the people who work in it, has become an additional concern for everyone, due to the current situation we are going through,” says Raquel Jaén, president of the AMPA of the Sagrat Cor de Jesus School, in Terrassa. This educational center, promoted by an AMPA initiative, has been the first in that town to include air purifiers in its classrooms to guarantee greater safety, “since cross ventilation may be unnecessary or inconvenient, due to the arrival of the cold. In this way, we can feel calmer, knowing that we are breathing purified air during all the time we spend at school”, she adds.