Dental problems are one of the most common health problems that everyone faces. There are a variety of dental problems because of our food habits and lifestyle, and some of the reasons are hereditary. So we have to take the best possible care of our teeth. Oral health is more important than any other health.


The word dental plaque may sound like an innocuous film that forms on teeth. The truth is, it is a sticky layer of bacteria that, when left to its own devices, can result in serious dental problems. Plaque is a combination of food particles, saliva, and bacteria. It forms on the surface of teeth and can eventually harden into a substance known as calculus. Plaque is the number one cause of cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease.

If not removed, plaque hardens, creating a substance known as tartar. Plaque and tartar can cause tooth decay and gum disease. To prevent this, it is important to remove plaque daily by brushing and flossing. When a large buildup occurs, it’s usually removed by a trained dental hygienist.

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Missing teeth

Missing teeth is a serious problem, not just because it affects your ability to eat and speak properly, but because it also makes you more prone to other health problems. For example, a loss of one or more teeth can lead to:

  1. Ill-fitting dentures that are uncomfortable to wear lead to speech and eating problems and increase the risk of developing cavities and gum diseases
  2. Crowding of remaining teeth, which can result in increased plaque and tartar buildup on the teeth and increased risk of tooth decay and gum disease
  3. Loss of bone mass in the jaw, which can make remaining teeth loose or fall out
  4. Underdeveloped jaw muscles and bone, which can lead to misaligned teeth and bite problems
  5. Increased risk of stroke and heart disease due to decreased ability to chew and speak
  6. Facial and other skin wrinkles due to loss of facial muscle mass and fat caused by a loss of fullness of cheek, lip, and chin

Tooth loss is one of the most common reasons people seek dental care. If you have lost a tooth or teeth, you should visit your dentist in Round Lake. There are several options that may be right for you. Depending on the situation, your dentist may recommend a bridge, a dental implant, a removable partial denture, or a permanent denture. However, dental implants are the best among all the above solutions because they behave just like natural teeth and help your oral health stay intact for life.

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Bleeding in gums

Bleeding in gums has many causes. Plaque that accumulates in the mouth creates an ideal home for bacteria. Bacteria in the mouth secrete toxins that irritate the gums, causing them to swell and bleed easily. When bleeding occurs, it is important to visit your dentist. The dentist will examine your gums and look for the source of the bleeding.


Cavities are holes in your teeth that are caused by tooth decay. The decay is caused when the enamel of your teeth is weakened by the acids produced by bacteria in plaque. When the enamel is weakened, your teeth become more vulnerable to damage. Cavities can be painful, especially if they go untreated or are not treated properly. To prevent cavities, brush your teeth often and regularly with a fluoride toothpaste. If you are not able to brush your teeth after eating, chewing sugarless gum is a great way to keep the time between meals.

Tooth crowding

There are times when teeth do not grow as they should. In such instances, you can suffer from crooked teeth. This can affect your self-esteem when you grow up. One of the best ways to correct this efficiently and easily is by using braces. However, you cannot go for any and every brace out there. Make sure that you research the best dentists and best braces before you get them to help address the tooth crowding issues.

Tooth crowding is one of the most common dental problems. It happens when one or more of your teeth are pushed out of alignment. This may be caused by an overly aggressive toothbrush, thumb-sucking, or even genetics. Whatever the cause, tooth crowding can lead to many problems because your teeth are no longer properly positioned to protect your oral health. Braces and invisible aligners can help fix crowding, among several other apparatuses.