Are you currently searching for any floor cleaner with mopping and sweeping functions? Would you like to automate the ground cleaning process? Then, buy the all-new, advanced floor cleaner, 2-in-1 T10 Robot Cleaner from Narwal.

Wet mopping is the greatest tactic to keep your hard floors neat and dirt-free. However, many homeowners prefer wet mopping once per week because it demands physical labor. Narwal Robot is here now to resolve the issue by automating hard floor sweeping and wet mopping for you personally.

It’s the product from the reputed brand around australia. Let is look into the Narwal Robot Australia Reviews.

What’s Narwal Robot Cleaner?

Narwal Robot Cleaner may be the 2-in-1 automatic floor cleaner having a vacuum and wet mopping function to obvious your hard floor just like a pro. The effective cleaner scrubs hard floors after vacuuming and then leave behind and clean and shiny floor.

Developed in Australia while using LIDAR navigation technology and smart sensors, the robot cleaner instantly sweeps the surfaces and mops the laminate, tile, linoleum, hardwood along with other floors. When it’s done, the device cleans itself without human intervention.

Thinking about the Narwal Robot Australia Reviews, the device features two integral parts, the bottom station to carry the neat and dirty water and also the robot itself. It features a large water tank with the ability to hold 1.3 gallons, which is appropriate to clean large spaces as much as 2150 sq. foot.

Specifications from the Product

•           Product Dimension – 17.99×16.06×25.87 inches

•           Weight – 35.6 pounds

•           Model Number – T10

•           Batteries Body Lithium-Ion Battery

•           First Available Date – 17th March 2021

•           Water Tank – 5L×2

•           Rotation Speed – 360 r/3 Mopping and 180 r/m in Cleaning

•           Noise Level – 45 dB

•           Self Cleaning Time – 75 Sec

•           Suction Power – 1800 Pa

•           Supported OS – Android and iOS

Pros of Narwal Robot

•           Many Narwal Robot Australia Reviews available on the web having a 3.8-star rating

•           Laser mapping technology with smart navigation

•           Mopping function has a self-cleaning system

•           Dedicated apps for manipulating the machine in tangible-time

•           Scrubs and vacuum the ground positively

•           Large water holding tank and wastewater tank

•           Long-lasting battery existence

Cons of Narwal Robot

•           Lacks Alexa support and Google Assistant

•           The base station is tall

•           The application is untidy

•           Dust bin doesn’t empty itself

•           Not appropriate small homes and apartments

Is Narwal Robot Legit or Scam?

Before relocating to the Narwal Robot Australia Reviews section, let’s determine whether it’s legit or perhaps a scam.

•           The product was available to buy on reputed ecommerce websites, including Amazon . com, but presently it’s unavailable here, and this is because not obvious

•           It has received appreciation and reviews in the customers having a 3.8-star rating from 5 stars.

•           The product includes a social presence with lots of comments and feedback.

•           The seller can also be early because the domain was produced on 23rd This summer, 1998.

Each one of these factors make sure the merchandise appears legit and never a gimmick. However, it’s advised that buyers must investigate the product to know the value of purchasing it for his or her purpose.

What exactly are Narwal Robot Australia Reviews?

As pointed out, we’ve evaluated the vendor and also the product on the internet and discovered that it’s received many appreciations and comments in the consumers. We’ve observed the product received reviews having a 3.8-star rating from 5.

As reported by the reviews from consumers, the merchandise effectively cleans, does mopping and vacuuming any floors. The robot cleaner has numerous innovative functions and specifications to help make the home cleaning process very simple.

However, we’ve also found single-star rating from some consumers with negative reviews. They aren’t pleased with the applying, also it creates issues when controlling in the mobile application, thinking about the Narwal Robot Australia Reviews.

Besides, some consumers pointed out it lacks effective suction capacity and carpet recognition and mapping are missing. So, it’s advised that consumers should do their research to know the value from the product within their housekeeping services needs and buy it next to prevent scams.


Narwal Robot T10 2-in-1 floor cleaner may be the advanced and automatic cleaner to create your floor cleaning process very simple. It’s the advanced robot cleaner with lots of innovative features and functions.

You will find mixed Narwal Robot Australia Reviews available, and therefore we recommend all consumers review and investigate the product before choosing.

Are you currently already while using Narwal Robot T10 cleaner? What’s your knowledge about the cleanser? Please share it within the comments section.