Looking into the world of gaming, we find many strategies to play with. The same goes with the category of the casino, whether it is about games on land casino or online casino, strategies and planning are required to play the game. The strategies help us in winning the game and improvise the way we play. While effective strategies take us towards profitable benefits and winning, a foul plan could lead us to lose the entire game. There are various kinds of strategies that could be considered lame or even act against the game instead acting towards better payoffs. 

Among all the games in the live casino, slot gambling tends to have more foul strategies than any other game. Slot gambling takes the wider part of online casinos. Having an interesting plot, it attracts more players than any other game of the live casino, whether it is about choosing the right Judi online slot machines or enjoying the spin. Being the game, which consists more of sheer luck than any planning or plotting to win, people create weird plans to win the game. Players are often found creating meaningless superstitions as per the format of the game. There are various misconceptions, considered more as myths, being adapted by the users to play slot games. 

Let us take a look at various illogical factors adopted in the form of strategies by many players that are considered myths:

Myth 01: Believing That the Winning Cycle of Online Slots Can Be Predicted

The most popular myth that is being believed by various players is that they could predict the winning cycle in slot gambling. It would be fair to say that the real slot machine having three-reel slots is somewhat possible to be predicted. But with enhanced versions of gaming the slots, having multiple amounts of reels and complex algorithms of numbers is next to impossible to predict.

Myth 02: It’s Better to Bet Small Amounts at First to Increase Your Chances of Winning Big Later

It is the point that people usually aren’t even aware of being a myth. This misconception is also considered logical in the format of the old version of games in a land casino. As people believed that investing low at first leads us to bigger benefits later. With online casinos trending in the whole world of gaming, involving RNGs, it is a useless trait to follow.

Myth 03: The Jackpot Hitting Slot Machine Won’t Win Again for A Long Time

There are various cases in which players believed that the slot machine which hit the jackpot just a moment ago won’t be winning any jackpot for a long amount of time. Among all the misconceptions or myths in slot games, this one’s being adopted by most players. It is entirely wrong to say the slot machine hitting the jackpot has anything to do with the number of times it had already done earlier. 

Myth 04: The Percentage of Payout Being Altered by The Casino

The myth that is entirely incorrect is that the casino has the access to alter the percentages of various payout in the slot games it is providing. The casinos are tested throughout the world and hence, they use the format of RTP, similarly, with the online casino taking over the whole gaming world, every percentage depends on RTP. 

Myth 05: The Chances for Winning Is Decreased When the Users Take the Option of Auto-Spin Slots

It is absurd to say that the chances of your winning depend if you hit the button each time with your hand rather than taking the option of auto-spin. The online slot machine has nothing to do with the manner you choose your spin, whether you are hitting the buttons with your hands or choosing the other options. Moreover, your winning doesn’t depend on your mode of payment, if you are using the bonus spins. 


Effective strategies could lead you to win a huge amount of profitable benefits, while at the same time, absurd beliefs could act against the entire game. Although looking at the right slot machines, knowing the impactful rules, and being aware of the different symbols in the slot games have impactful chances to make you win.