Chris Gardner’s former spouse is Sherry Dyson: When did they first meet?

In the 1970s, the previous flames were first discovered. Chris, four years Sherry’s junior, said in his memoir The Pursuit of Happiness that the two saw the 1971 film Summer of ’42 together. An adolescent guy and an elderly lady have a relationship in this ideal love drama. Sherry & Chris didn’t even take the relationship seriously, but their feelings for each other became apparent with time. Even though cities separated them, the couple’s long-distance romance required many sleepless hours spent conversing primarily on the phone. Gardner also claimed in the book, as mentioned above, that his monthly bill had previously been $900.

Chris Dyson bought an engagement ring for Sherry Dyson using credit.

Before finally deciding to move their relationship further, they started dating for many years. On June 18, 1977, they exchanged vows. At the Virginia wedding, which took place at the Dysons’ house, Chris’ Navy friend Leon Webb acted as his best man. Southern hospitality, priceless wall art, and chandeliers were used to embellish the momentous occasion at the two-story venue. Additionally, the speaker used credit to pay $900 for his then-wife Sherry’s diamond engagement ring.

Miscarriage when pregnant

Although numerous internet tabloids claimed that Sherry Dyson & Chris had a kid together, they were never parents during their marriage. Sherry had their first child miscarried. However, Dyson regrettably had a loss at the time. Both of them felt let down by the awful event. Chris worked a second job as the security guard during the nighttime since he needed additional money.

Divorce: an extramarital affair with Chris Gardner

After three years of marriage in 1980, the couple decided to part ways. A few times before his 26th birthday, Gardner told his wife that he planned to give up on his aspirations of becoming a doctor. Their relationship was quickly strained by choice.

Additionally, while he was still dating Dyson, the author started an extramarital connection with Jackie Medina, a dentistry student. Jackie fell pregnant with his kid only a few months after their relationship. To prepare for parenthood, Chris later divorced his wife and moved in with his new girlfriend, Medina. Sherry went to Oakland not long after they parted ways. Following that, they seldom spoke to each other. Additionally, the official conclusion of their divorce procedure took nine years.

What caused Sherry Dyson and his wife to split up?

Several factors brought on Sherry and her husband’s divorce because her spouse was an accomplished businessman, motivational speaker, and excellent writer. Before being married, they courted and were married in 1977. Sadly, he told Sherry Dyson as he did not wish to live alongside her since he was dating Jackie Medina, one among his pupils, after three years of peaceful cohabitation. Additionally, she became pregnant quickly after she began dating Chris. Sherry was shocked to learn this since she thought her faithful hubby had made a wrong choice.She began living apart from her partner, and he moved in with his pupil and began to prepare to become a parent. In 1986, they also officially called it quit on their romance.