Golfing is not only a fun way to venture outdoors and get a little bit of much-needed vitamin D, but it’s also an excellent way to socialize with family and friends. Also, don’t forget to prefer Golf Shoes in your golf bag that make your golf game more comfortable.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced golfer, there are multiple things you need to know about being out on a golf course. 

There are a few websites out there that can help you to develop your practical skills, such as However, you also need to learn about the items you must keep in your golf bag.

The things you choose to store inside of your golf bag are a completely personal choice. Yet there are some essentials you simply cannot miss out on. We have listed these below.

  1. Golf Balls

Yeah, we know this is an obvious one. But The items inside your golf bag could make or break your day while out on the course, so thinking ahead and preparing yourself is critical.

Running out of balls while out on a golf course can happen to just about anyone, so it’s best to make sure you are prepared for all situations!

Carrying old and new golf balls into your bag means that you can practice and play without needing to spend more money than is necessary every time you venture out of your home.

New balls will come in handy if you are looking to play a much better new game whereas older golf balls will be very useful for practice sessions.

Depending on your overall skill level, around three or four sleeves should do the trick for you. Yet if you need more than this amount in a single round then you may want to spend some time out on the range before you begin playing again.

Or, you could even do your best to collect some stray golf balls while you are out playing. If you don’t, there’s a huge chance that your bag will end up too heavy — much like a lead weight!

  1. First Aid Equipment

Whether you’re a beginner to golfing or someone with lots of experience, you’ve likely witnessed several small but majorly inconvenient injuries occur on the golf course

From bee stings to cuts, anything can happen when you venture out to play a game of golf, especially if the weather is nice!

In addition to the practical golf equipment, you will also need to arm yourself with some smaller supplies in your golf bag to guarantee a stress-free day out on the range. 

In simple terms, we’d strongly recommend having some sort of immediate first aid kit on hand to help you or another golfer out. This could include painkillers, insect repellent, and even band-aids.

There’s quite a lot that you can do with band-aids in your golf bag. For example, you may need them to cover up some cuts or even provide some additional protection against abrasion as you play. 

They are especially useful if you were to have blisters form on your hand as you can cover these with band-aids and prevent them from getting worse.

Whatever the reason, you can never go wrong with having some band-aids on hand! We’d recommend keeping your bag well-stocked all the time.

  1. Golf Gloves

Though they aren’t a requirement for the golfer uniform, golfing gloves are recommended for golfers of varying degrees of playing experience. 

It is usually worn on the leading hand, which is the hand that is located at the top of the grip. For instance, right-handed golf players will wear a glove on their left hand, yet left-handed players will often wear a glove on their right hand.

Golf gloves are useful tools that help any golfer to create more friction between their hand and the golf club. This allows the player to obtain much better control of the club without the additional need to squeeze their hands and forearms tightly.

The key reason to wear a golf glove is to maintain a solid grip on the club especially if your hands are wet or sweaty. The tacky layer provided by the gloves will help to prevent the club from turning in a player’s hand, allowing for much more control during a game.

Gloves can reduce the overall chance of calluses or blisters occurring. In summary, you must invest in a quality, long-lasting pair to keep in your bag at all times.

  1. Ball Markers And A Pen

Ball markers are fun to collect and a must-have on the green. This means they are essential items to keep in your golf bag at all times.

When you are playing golf, it isn’t entirely uncommon to want to mark the final position of your golf ball. This is why you always need to be prepared by keeping a ball marker and a pen on hand. 

Marking the position of your golf ball happens often in a game of golf, so you must make sure that you are prepared with both a ball marker and a pen. Some golfers opt to use a tee but all ball mark repair tools are even more convenient. Ball markers are one of those things that you wish you had packed when you didn’t. 

Keep these items accessible in the front pocket of your bag so that you can quickly fix things up if you need to. It will only take a couple of short seconds to do and it is a much more straightforward way to eventually leave the green. You’ll also be in much better shape.

Feel free to carry more than one marker in your golf bag at any given time as they often tend to go missing. This is because they are usually quite small. Plus, it won’t hurt to carry a couple of extras inside of your bag in case other players need them! 

  1. Sunscreen

Now we’ve discussed the practical things you need to keep in your golf bag, we can move on to more specific personal equipment.

We’re not talking about mobile phone chargers or anything like that, but rather little practical things that equip you for just about any situation and any type of weather. One of the most important things is sunscreen, which we’ll get into below.

Wherever you are in the world, weather can often be quite predictable. For example, you may leave the house when the weather is quite overcast, but the sun might quickly find its way through the clouds to beat down on your bare skin.

To prepare yourself if this situation were to occur, you will need to pack sunscreen into your golf bag. You can then reapply multiple times throughout the day to ensure you don’t burn your skin at all. 

Unless you have a caddie available, you also need to pack some towels. You’ll need to have towels on hand to clean your clubs and to also wipe your hands and face. 

Other things you might want to pack in your golf bag are as follows:

  • Sunglasses
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Adhesive tape
  • Instant ice pack


Though you can include just about anything in your golf bag, these are the 5 essentials you simply cannot miss out on. The key is to be realistic about the number of things you can store inside of your bag at any time. 

Remember: you don’t want to be carrying around a lead weight with you. Although it won’t hurt to be over-prepared for certain situations, make sure you don’t weigh down your bag with additional items!