Let’s be honest, even in 2021, men tend to spend less time thinking about their appearance, and a considerable proportion does not pay much heed to accessories and colors that not only suit the season but also work for your complexion and fashion tastes.

Every season brings with it new fashion challenges, and though a great deal of the trends and fads are merely cooked up by fashionistas and outlets to clear stock and to fit an aesthetic that is more Emperor’s New Clothes than a sensible option for the average person, there are a number of options that could well be ideal for you.

So now it’s time for you to take a bit more time and effort to think about your outfit and wardrobe choice for the festive season, and to that end, we’ve come up with some helpful accessory choices that could be just the ticket this winter.

Smartphone Friendly Gloves

As the cold weather kicks in, you’ll want a pair of trendy and warm gloves but the problematic issue here is the fact that most gloves won’t work with your smartphone, but that’s where these come to save the day. Get yourself a pair of super stylish fleece gloves that work just for this purpose. 

Look to go for dark blues or black when it comes to the perfect color for the season and gift them for yourself to avoid the disappointment of your family or loved ones ignoring your constant hints.

A Great Pair of Stylish Glasses

When it comes to gifts that not only look good but also serve a crucial purpose, the present of a nice new pair of glasses is a good one to consider. If relevant for your prescription, we’d suggest a great pair of progressive lens glasses to help you avoid the switching of pairs for the different distances your eyes might need help with. 

Cool colors are ideal here, and don’t be afraid to go for a designer pair as the costs of these are far lower than you might have previously imagined. 

Don’t Be Afraid of the Beanie

While it’s often considered a very basic item, the beanie is making something of a comeback, and it’s the type of winter accessory that will help regulate your temperature and also cover any bad hair days you might be suffering from.

Consider one in Merino wool and opt for classic colors and wear them with confidence with casual and relatively formal winter wear options. Merino is great in terms of it being a more breathable material than some that are used for hats that end up making you sweat profusely. A superb option if you also happen to be taking part in some winter sporting action.

Puffer Jackets 

There’s nothing quite like wearing a puffer jacket in the midst of a truly arctic winter; you’ll feel like you are camped in front of a warm fireplace even though you are out in the brisk cold air; such is the effectiveness of this thoroughly durable item.

These come in all sorts of styles and types, but we would suggest banking on a parka option with a hooded attachment for those days and nights when the wind and snow are at thoroughly apocalyptic levels. 

Luxury, But Affordable, Decorative Watch

Watches are seldom worn these days, chiefly because their primary usage (telling the time) has seen them superseded by the smartphone. However, a watch is now something of a luxury item, and pretty much anyone who wears one does so as something of a status symbol of style statement. So why not join the club?

Much like glasses mentioned earlier, the watch selling market online is one that has driven the prices way down, and that means you are much closer to being able to genuinely afford a top-quality timepiece. The plus side of paying a little extra is the durability that comes from a better-manufactured item that will last years. So why not treat yourself to a truly timeless gift this winter?

Legwarmers, the Must-Have Accessory that No One Will See

You can look to cheat the elements with a pair of super comfy leg warmers that will aid you in your attempts to defy the drop in temperatures this winter. Wear them under your clothing and feel like a winner as you confidently strut the streets without a care in the world. It’s advisable to buy snow pants if you can’t take the cold.

Legwarmers, especially the top-of-the-line brands, are the kind of accessory that you only really champion once you’ve tried them on. Give them a go, pick up an inexpensive pair, and you’ll wonder how you’ve managed to get by in life without them all this time.

A Pair of Dependable and Comfortable Winter Boots

If you manage to make it through life in sneakers and occasionally wear dress shoes for showy events, then for winter, you need to upgrade to a strong pair of bulky winter boots that will give your feet the day off they richly deserve.

Consider army boots or similar, any type that look like they were built for wearing on an exposed mountaintop. Even if you do most of your walking on concrete sidewalks, these will give your feet the additional warmth and support they’ll need as winter truly kicks in.