You wouldn’t wear a colourful dress to a funeral or a short skirt to a wedding, would you? So why do it with jewellery? Every occasion necessitates some traditional kinds of attire, including jewellery. Adding the appropriate jewellery to your dress and occasion can drastically transform your look. It will complete your style and make you appear flawlessly stylish. Because jewellery is a reflection of our personality and style, everyone’s likes will differ, but with these few simple guidelines, you can make any outfit seem fantastic.

Necklaces may give you any feel you want, whether it’s a basic, delicate appearance or a forceful boss look. To style any piece of jewellery, consider the occasion, the subject or aesthetic, and what is expected of you. This thought process will assist you in streamlining your decision in selecting the most appropriate and gorgeous objects.

  1. Special Occasions

At a particular occasion or a party, try to choose your jewellery after deciding on the dress you’re going to wear to ensure that your jewellery doesn’t conflict with the neckline or sleeves. First, pick the appropriate jewellery for your neckline. Then, to complete the appearance, wear it with a similar bracelet and ring. Check out our party jewellery styling guide.

We recommend keeping things classic for an Indian wedding. You can experiment with different types of necklaces for women or necklace sets, such as a pearl necklace or a choker set. They are typically used with Indian dress and provide sophistication and class to the outfit. There are so many festivities during an Indian wedding that you have the freedom to explore and try on any necklace you see. 

  1. Daily Jewellery

Some jewellery complements anything you wear. They are usually sentimental items such as family heirlooms, wedding rings, or delicate necklaces given by a loved one. These accessories quietly enhance your particular style. While these everyday jewellery pieces can accent any clothing, they should also complement your skin tone. For example, gold jewellery complements warmer undertones, whereas silver or rose gold jewellery complements colder undertones.

  1. Informal gatherings

Long necklaces with a statement pendant add just the right bit of edge to a plain blouse, t-shirt, or dress, creating an elegant yet casual appearance for the day. If your dress is already coloured and has details in a specific shade, use a necklace in the same shade to achieve a balanced look.

The design of the necklace you wear influences the look you wish to give to others. Basic forms and textures, such as large colour beads, are perfect for remaining simple while adding a hint of luxury. One should endeavour to express their personal style and taste at each social occasion.

  1. Party 

If you plan on wearing a strapless dress to the party, try chokers and short necklaces. Instead, use long chains or single-strand chains with plunging or V necklines. You can also overlay two or three chains on top of each other to enhance the visual appearance of your upper body. Sort the chains according to their lengths. Wear the shortest chain first, followed by the longest. Two to three chains are the very minimum, but four or five chains look even better. Always wear the most contemporary and traditional necklace styles.

  1. Date

Wear something classic yet sensual for a memorable date. Get the ideal pendant to match your jewellery style and pair it with your best outfit. Wear something bold and sparkling to a movie date because when the lights go off, all eyes will be on you.

Wear a leather boho necklace to add extra personality to your genuine look. Additionally, avoid wearing a lot of rings or bracelets. Instead, let your stunning necklace steal the spotlight.

  1. Office

We recommend something long-lasting and comfy for practically daily wear to shine a necklace set in the office. You want these necklaces to be subtle while still packing a punch. 

Bidding Words

A matching necklace is one that will showcase not only your clothing but also your other good traits, therefore boosting your overall style. When it comes to selecting the ideal necklace for any event, necklines should be taken into account as well. For example, if you’re wearing a dress with a plunging neckline, a necklace will help to soften the impression of the outfit. With all of these considerations in mind, you should be able to glam up your style quotient without making any blunders.