They seem baggy, but one thing is for sure – they’ll make your body stand out! Men are legally allowed to wear them, and in the social spectrum, these types of trousers shouldn’t be left out. After you tried to do some guessing, which was either wrong or right, we reveal that it’s all about the articles of clothing familiar to you, the embroidered jeans!

A gentleman can’t do without them, so we’ll check out some of the embroidered men’s jeans  available in our store.

Color painted men’s white jeans.

These men’s embroidered jeans are white with a beautiful print all over the trousers. These are the jeans that you should prefer if you are thinking of how to impress your girlfriend on your first date or show up at a show!

They come in several waist sizes—from 28 inches to 42 inches—to ensure they fit the body type of the respective wearer. Besides that, its golden buttons promise to hold onto the waist of a man, making it seem executive while clinging to a casual environment.

The color painted men’s white jeans are the trousers that you should pick out first – if you haven’t settled on any other trending jeans yet!

Graffiti print jeans for men

They say it’s good to be streetwise. Jeans 4 You never let’s you to grow street-dumb. 

With this pair of jeans that are set to camouflage — yes, with the streets — you’ll end up being sustainably fashionable and grow your following. All this just for embracing graffiti!

Unless your waist is larger than 38 inches, you’ll get your piece of clothing at the right price. The graffiti at the front starts from mid-thigh and goes all the way down; your friends will have much to look up to while earning you the normative respect you deserve.

If you have a liking for the streets and,  you feel like you should show the tough beauty to the world, get your pair of graffiti print jeans for men at Jeans 4 You.

Checkered red men’s jeans

The jeans are dyed in what many people call “life,” and if you agree, you should dress with zeal from head to toe. Besides the way they seem red, the strong feeling is brought to a normality by the ever-basic black color, in the traditional checkered pattern.

Who would ever think that something embroidered could be checked like other off-set classical items? If you have arrived at an answer to this baffling question, you will know why this piece is up for grabs. You’ll stand out like no other person has ever imagined you would.

Did you know you can get a discount at Jeans 4 You? Just visit our website to spin your way to an offer! Don’t forget to grab your checkered red men’s jeans.

Dragon embroidery men’s jeans

Why not go to the ancient spiritual land where dragons reigned? Would you like that on a trouser?

If yes, you have your dragon on these Dragon embroidery men’s jeans. They’re just normal men’s jeans, and every lady will agree that they make their man look better than a beautiful woman. Besides their familiarity, the jeans’ art will be the new focus of your style.

To wrap it up, it comes with a strong zipper and a golden button that tends to match with the embroidery! So why don’t you go down to earth and believe in some dragons? This pair of jeans is all that you need.

Orange stars embroidered men’s jeans

Here we have some jeans that will make your waist feel and look decorated. With an embroidered area that is near the waist, this pair of jeans is what a real man needs.

The orange stars ran all the way to the upper side of the jeans, but the pair would mind a size 28-waist man as there are no available for such thin people. Anyway, men can belt up and feel great with the attractive stars set on stone-washed jeans—the accepted standard of male casualness!

Go to Jeans 4 You to purchase these orange stars embroidered men’s jeans at an affordable price, which we believe men can feel entitled to pay!

The five products we highlighted are just but a few of all the men’s embroidered jeans that Jeans 4 You has on offer. You can get the full list of the men’s embroidered jeans where you can choose your desired products in respect to price, color, style, waist, size, pattern, fit type, season, and product type.

Jeans 4 You have a 30-day return policy that provides an allowance to all parties who think that our products don’t suit them but would benefit other parties. Our pledge is that you’ll go ahead and make use of our products, make us be known to as many, and, after all, make the world a happier place!