This post will focus on a thorough one-on-one Meditech EMR vs NextGen EMR comparison. First, you will benefit from an overview of both solutions; later on, the article covers the specialties, features, and reviews of both EMR systems.

About Meditech EHR:

Meditech EHR develops services to enhance the clinical interactions with patients in the best way possible. The vendor aims to introduce innovativeness in all its functionalities to simplify clinical activities for all practitioners. Meditech EHR empowers physicians with its intuitive features instead of getting in the way. The vendor outsmarts all clinical intricacies and nurtures a streamlined clinical workflow. It opens up new doors to revolutionary changes by highlighting emerging opportunities for medical practices.

This award-winning software aims to ensure a healthy clinical environment where there are no communication gaps. It helps improve clinical productivity as it leads to effective patient outcomes, thus improving the bottom line of practice. Being a scalable cloud-based platform, Meditech grows with the growth of practices with a consistent approach toward cost-effective care. The software plans to further improve its services by enhancing mobility and introducing AI technology to expand further.

About NextGen EMR:

NextGen Healthcare envisions better outcomes for all by setting practitioners on the road to providing value-based care. The EMR platform thrives on working as an effective partner for healthcare practices. It generates the best possible patient outcomes by offering endless support to practitioners. NextGen EMR merges innovative ideas with basic features to come up with a newer range of functional capabilities. The vendor works to improve the lives of all patients with next-level patient care services.

NextGen EMR, with its profound experience and knowledge of the healthcare industry, connects over a million caregivers. The tailored to fit features of NextGen EMR set all medical practices on the right path. This industry-leading software is equipped with productive services that strive to generate predictable financial outcomes and effective care results. This phenomenal vendor assures frictionless interoperability to ensure seamless data exchange. Moreover, it reduces the care gaps and helps identify potential risks via risk stratification.

Specialties Covered:

Meditech EHR:

Specialties covered by Meditech EHR are:

Post Acute

Expanse Patient Care

Home Care

Critical Care


Surgical Services

Labor and Delivery

NextGen EHR:

Specialties covered by NextGen EMR are:

Ambulatory Surgery

Behavioral Health







General Surgery





Besides these, this vendor caters to 20 more medical specialties.

Feature Range:

Instead of listing down all the vendors’ features in Meditech EHR vs NextGen EMR comparison, we will enlist the significant ones that add value to the vendor’s functionalities.

Meditech EHR Features:

Meditech EHR comes with an impressive range of clinical features. The primary features of Meditech EHR are:

Clinical Decision Support

Care Compass


Practice Management

Patient Engagement

Expanse Virtual Assistant


Virtual Care

Expanse Patient Connect

Care Coordination

NextGen EMR Features:

NextGen EMR offers a plethora of features for a wide range of specialties. The fundamental features of NextGen EMR are:


Electronic Data Interchange

Mirth Connect

Health Data Hub

Virtual Visits

Practice Management


Population Health


Mobile Solutions

Care Coordination 

Demo Offered:

Next in line to discuss is the demo in Meditech EHR vs NextGen EHR comparison.

Meditech EHR Demo:

A note-worthy point about Meditech EHR is that it hires demonstration specialists for presenting a demo of its services. As a result, the demo of Meditech EHR shows a strong narrative of how its services work. In addition, the Meditech EHR demo is created with excellent presentation and effective communication skills and thus delivers a high-level comfort to the customers. There’s even an option where care professionals can ask questions freely to clear all queries.

NextGen EMR Demo:

NextGen EMR demo is also as compelling as the one offered by Meditech EHR. It is readily available on request and is created by skilled personnel who understand what the patients want to learn. The demo of NextGen EMR showers light on all its key functionalities in proper order. All points are detailedly explained and creatively presented so the viewers can easily understand what the vendor is trying to convey. In addition, there’s an option to create a customized demo upon special requests by medical professionals.

Reviews Analysis:

Now it’s time to move to the last point in Meditech EHR vs NextGen EMR comparison, the reviews.

Meditech EHR Reviews:

Meditech EHR is backed by impressive reviews from users. Providers using Meditech EHR have highlighted its integration capabilities in the reviews. They say that the software offers fully-integrated services, reduces redundancy in data entry, and simplifies administrative tasks. It efficiently handles the billing process for elevating the revenue of medical practices. In addition, it offers HIPAA-compliant services, makes billing and auditing easier, and helps with clinical documentation.

NextGen EHR Reviews:

According to NextGen EMR reviews, creating customized reports and generating meaningful insights is easier. The AI interface of NextGen EHR is highly adaptable and offers customizable services. NextGen EMR reviews reveal that the software is rich in RCM services. It improves consistency in clinical procedures and allows for rescheduling. The software is committed to customer success and thus provides impressive support functions.


  • NextGen EMR has a broad scope in the healthcare network and looks after the needs of more specialties than Meditech EHR.

  • The latter offers two different modules, one for small practices and one for medium to enterprise-grade organizations, whereas the former offers one exclusive module for all.

  • NextGen EMR is created on an AI interface and is more advanced than the other one when it comes to clinical services.

  • Meditech EHR features clinical decision support, and NextGen EHR offers Mirth Connect as its differentiating feature.

Concluding Words:

Here, we have highlighted the key features, specialties covered, customer reviews, and demonstration tutorials of both capable EMR systems. However, we suggest you set up a demo with NextGen EMR and the Meditech EHR to get a practical insight into both solutions. There’s no rush; take your time, evaluate both solutions until you are satisfied, and invest your money in the one you think is a good fit for you.