Would you love shopping online? Would you usually purchase dresses, gadgets? You very well may find Mamajimart web store during your search result.

Mamajimart’s sells typically the most popular genre products for example apparel, gadgets in India. But, here now you ask ,- how reliable the website is, Just how its service and just how good their product’s quality is. They are some major and non-ignorable queries that first hit when you found a brand new site for shopping.

What’s the Mamajimart website?

Mamajimart is definitely an Indian shopping portal headquarter is situated in Gujrat. The site’s business is associated with some popular genre products- Apparel, Gadgets, Grocery and Vegetables. Reviewing the website, we observed it lacks professional touch in the interface. It’s an unprofessionally designed portal with Google ads, which isn’t usually visible on reputed shopping sites. In addition, its product collection is restricted, so you’ve to buy from the small product range if you wish to shop.

However, Is Mamajimart Legit? Before adding products towards the cart, book this article’s happy to know some vital facets of the website. The website sells refurbished products at good prices however, the merchandise description is unclear.


•           URL Details: https://mamajimart.com/

•           Location Details: T-303, Polaris-Mall Building, Surat-Gujarat-395010

•           Contact Details:  91-8799499279

•           Time of Calling: Not pointed out.

•           Email Address: contact.mamajimart@g mail.com

•           Return Information: Return should be made within a couple of days after you have the merchandise, else the ability will lapse.

•           Cancellation Details: It may be availed before shipping.

•           Charges of Shipping: No fixed shipping charges happen to be pointed out.

•           Social media link- No social networking link can be obtained.

•           Feedback: No Mamajimart Comments are visible on the website.

•           Shipping Area: Throughout India.

•           Shipping Duration: The shipping is finished within 3-7 working days.

•           Mode of Payments: Wallet, Online Banking, Cash-on-Delivery and Gift certificates.

•           Refund Availability: The refund process takes around seven to ten working days to accomplish.

•           Replace or Exchange Facility: No facts are pointed out.

Why is the website shopping friendly?

•           The goods are offered at an acceptable cost.

•           Payments can be achieved by acquiring various modes.

Do you know the warning flags of the site?

•           Awful index score.

•           No customers’ reviews happen to be detected that clarified ‘Is Mamajimart Legit’ or otherwise.

•           No sign reveals its link to the press network.

•           The address isn’t entirely legit.

•           No details about delivery costs and substitute policy.

•           Too much plagiarism can be found in their content.

May be the site authentic?

If you are planning to make use of any new site the very first time, you are encouraged to mix-check its authenticity first then choose to spend some money. Exactly the same rules requested Mamajimart should you haven’t checked it, take it easy we’ve investigated and dug the truth.

•           The website is too youthful the launching date is second August 2021.

•           It unsuccessful to amass Mamajimart Reviews.

•           The index percentage is awful. It’s alert, too youthful, and suspicious because it accrued only onePercent index.

•           No networking handles happen to be fetched.

•           Mamajimart.com may be the registered website name.

•           The analysis implies that the portal contains 46% common and 43% duplicate information.

•           More than 1000 pages happen to be considered skipped pages.

•           The address is partially legit.

•           No damaged link continues to be observed.

•           A a few different modes could be acquired for payment.

Because the site lacks meeting several vital criteria that prove it may be an very suspicious portal.

What exactly are users’ Mamajimart Reviews?

After searching within the website and also the site, we didn’t get success to find users’ reviews. Even though it hasn’t been marketing for any lengthy time however, it ought to obtain a couple of comments a minimum of. Otherwise, there’s not a way to ensure their words.

Furthermore, no manifestation of their link to media systems like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., that is required for a brand new site to construct credibility and achieve potential audiences. Plus, no comments happen to be observed on feedback portals like TrustPilot.

Final Words:

Mamajimart isn’t a legit shopping portal for Apparel, since it has a lot of loopholes like no Mamajimart Reviews, terrible index, missing link to a media funnel, and suspicious address.