Being an introvert in a world that is mostly filled with extroverted people can be a challenge on its own. As someone who identifies himself as introverted, I have had to deal with a wide variety of situations that could be considered awkward, and even unfun, just for the sake of trying to break out of my comfort bubble on multiple occasions.

However, once I reached a certain age, I understood that there’s nothing wrong with being an introvert and that although I don’t enjoy social interactions the same way other people do, I can still manage to have fun with very specific social situations.

I also understood that I enjoy doing more things than just socializing, and there are times in which, although I enjoyed interacting with people, I get tired exhausted and need to take breaks from such interactions before I end up hating them.

Ways to Fight Loneliness

Playing video games, watching movies and shows, reading books and drawing are some of the things I’d rather do instead of going to a party or drinking at a bar. However, although I am introverted and enjoy spending time by myself, I still get lonely.

With the whole COVID-19 situation and how the lockdown was applied all around the world, socializing has become very difficult, and although things have definitely improved in comparison to how things were during 2020, there are still some restrictions that make socializing very difficult, especially if you live far away from your family and friends like me.

Here’s where adopting a pet enters the play. Owning a pet is scientifically proven to be one of the best ways to deal with depression and loneliness, but owning a pet comes with a bunch of responsibilities that you will have to take care of, and getting to know them beforehand is a very good way to decide whether you are capable of handling the experience or not.

Why Cats Are Great for Introverts

This might not come as a big surprise but ever since the dawn of time introverts and cats are made for oneanother, and the reasons are very simple: they are both socially independent, affectionate in their own unique way, and incredibly loyal.

We introverts might enjoy the idea of owning a dog or a cat at a similar level, but there’s a very big difference between loving animals, and owning them. You see, although dogs are indeed great companions, often referred to as mankind’s greatest friend, they tend to require more maintenance than your average dog.

Yes, there are breeds that are relatively good choices for introverts, but they tend to be a lot more hyperactive, and still require a moderate amount of exercise, which is not something an introverted person enjoys doing on a daily basis. There’s also the fact that they can be needier when it comes to their attention needs, which is not something that suits introverted people that much.

On the other hand, although cats do still need to be supervised, they can manage everything by themselves in most situations, and some specific breeds of cats are still considered social animals that enjoy interacting with their owners to a certain extent. This makes them the perfect choice for introverted people, just because they will get the perfect companion for their particular needs.

However, introverts tend to bond fairly easily with any pet, so as long as you are comfortable with the idea of owning one, and you are sure that you can take care of their needs without considering it a problematic chore, you’ll be more than fine.

That being said, let’s talk about one of the recommended cat breeds for introverts: the Maine Coon. If you are interested in this specific breed, you can always check out holistapet breeds for more detailed information.

The Maine Coon

A Maine Coon is one of those cats that can begin their coexistence with you with a little bit of shyness and reservation, just because they are the type of animal that is a little aware of its environment by instinct. However, once they get to trust you, Maine Coons can become very affectionate and sociable, and cuddling with you or watching you over the distance will become a very important part of their routines.

Once they become accustomed to your presence, they will start to showcase various of their features. For example, they are known for being very talkative animals, exteriorizing their needs and demands, as well as their feelings, through notices. Maine Coons are known for chirping as well, which can be awesome for people who enjoy silly behaviors. If you are interested more about maine coons, CatVills has more details for you.

Generally speaking, Maine Coons are considered the perfect balance between an independent breed, and a sociable one, thus, making it a great choice for people who want to have a sociable pet without too many of the challenges involved in the process of owning one.

Be Prepared for the Experience

If you decided to adopt a Maine Coon, or any type of cat, you should definitely prepare yourself for the experience. There is a wide range of supplies and tools you will need, and getting to know the specific needs of the breed you want to adopt is absolutely necessary. Maine Coons, for example, are well known for requiring regular grooming, so you might as well get grooming supplies and learn how to do it if you want to own one. If you are a first-time cat owner, you should check out this guide over here