Kundli matching has long been regarded as one of the most important aspects of Indian marriages. Horoscope matching is a crucial step before getting married, especially in love marriages, according to astrology, despite the fact that many modernists discount the importance of this ritual.

Numerous aspects of married life can be predicted with the help of horoscope matching, and problems can be avoided. Horoscope matching is strongly advised by Vedic astrology to avoid any major problems in the future. The main purpose of kundali matching by name in astrology is to determine the couple’s mental and physical compatibility.

The tenets of a successful marriage include both parties’ attitudes, views, temperaments, and behaviors. This aspect is also looked at to see if there is enough physical attraction to lead to a successful long-term partnership.

Kundli milan is essential for both love marriages and planned marriages in order to make sure that the other person’s career growth is not hindered or negatively impacted by the movement of the planets in their horoscope. This result is foreseen by the seventh guna of Bhakoot.

In order to counteract the negative impacts of Dashas on the relationship and the future of the couple, Kundlis are also matched in love and planned weddings. The future of a person is determined by the positions of various planets and stars at the time of birth. Because of their geographic location, they can occasionally create Dashas like the Shani Dasha and the Mangal Dasha. The marriage is hampered by these Dashas. Kundli matching may be used to identify certain dashas, and astrologers can give you advice on how to perform pujas to avoid the problems these dashas can cause.

With the help of horoscope matching, it is also possible to predict the well-being and happiness of children who will be born in the future.

The eighth guna of the Kundli, Nadi, is helpful in foretelling childbirth and any potential problems. Kundli Milan must be aware of this given how important children’s health and well-being are to a contented and healthy family.


Matching horoscoes of both parties equally important in cases of love marriages. Even though the pair typically avoids taking this activity due to probable negative consequences, doing so might actually help them prevent issues in the future. Horoscope matching just strengthens the relationship because it provides solutions to problems through numerous Pujas.

Last but not least, kundli matching can help marriages succeed if all other circumstances—not just those related to the horoscope—are favorable. Reputable astrologers have unique solutions for these circumstances, or upayas as they are known in astrology. By utilizing particular upayas, the detrimental effects of mismatched kundlis might be reduced.

Once the Kundli has been matched, the astrologer may suggest a specific Puja for a happy and prosperous married life. For kundlis that are harmoniously suited, these pujas may also be suggested in order to enhance the bond.