When you have a child, some important but hard choices need to be taken, especially while they are growing. One decision that concerns a lot of parents is what is the best age to start daycare. Many parents are concerned about putting their kids in daycare too early or too late. Today, I’ll be showing you which age is ideal for your kid to go to daycare safely.

Overall, let me talk about how necessary a daycare is quick. This research published by the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health (JECH), a peer-reviewed health journal from the United Kingdom, says that children who attend a good quality daycare are better behaved and even better adjusted than those who don’t. As you can see, good daycare can make a positive difference in your kid’s life, so it is fundamental that your kid goes through this phase safely.

12 Months+

However, when should they go to daycare? Well, there are a lot of things that have a saying on when kids should attend daycares. The recommended minimum age is at least 12 months, but some people put their children in earlier. Things like money, work, time, and necessities are important to think about before putting your kid in daycare at a younger age.

Every Child is Different

You must know that you should not put your children in daycare if they are not emotionally, physically, and especially socially ready for this. That can be traumatic and negative for your baby. Children need to be around their parents all their lives, but especially when they are so young, and this is a need because of biological reasons, not only because of how they feel.

Before putting your kid in daycare, you need to observe how they react to being away from you. Every kid is different, so you need to see what is the normal stress level that your kid has, and how your distance affects it. Also, think about how long they will be at daycare. Will they be all day? Half a day? Some hours?

Children up to three-years-old experience much higher stress when they are in daycare all day, so if it’s possible, don’t leave them there all day long, just half a day until they are bigger. Remember that the transition from being home all the time to going to daycare in Allen Texas for half-day can be stressful for your kid since they have not experienced anything like that before. However, it is necessary, and it can be very beneficial to them, and even to you and the rest of the family.

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