Parents often believe children have nothing to be stressed about; there are no bills to pay, no family to look after, no finances to sort through, no looking after to be done. Therefore, the thought their child’s mental health is not well does not cross their mind.

Unfortunately, this lack of connection with the child, who themselves might not be able to understand that their mental health is in jeopardy, can lead to the child unduly suffering.

Not only does stress have a grave impact on the mental health of the child, but it also jeopardizes the physical health as well then, meriting then a visit to the Child Specialist in Lahore.

Signs of stress in children

There can be different signs of stress, depending on the stress levels and age of the child. Common physical symptoms include changes in appetite and sleep, digestive issues like nausea and stomachache, headaches etc.

There can also be problems with emotional and behavioral health of children. Issues include irritable disposition, anger, clingy behavior, inability to get along with others, withdrawing from others, struggle with everyday existence, defiance to authority, feeling overwhelmed etc.

Causes of stress in children

There are various reasons for your child to feel stressed. Some issues include:

Constant change: We all like have the comfort of familiarity. Reestablishing roots can be too overwhelming for everyone, including children.

So, if your family has to constantly has to move, and your child then has to change their school, it can then too, take a toll on your child’s metal health.

Family problems: Children can become stressed when things at home are not stable. If the parents are fighting, undergoing financial issues, there is loss, illness, or grief of sort, children are bound to take it upon themselves.

There can also be stressors otherwise. If your child is constantly compared to others, or they are pressured into doing things that they don’t like, they are bound to then get stressed from them.

Similarly, some parents can also push their children a lot, reprimand them over matters etc. that can then take a toll on their mental health.

Puberty: Children who are about to hit or have hit can also experience stress. It is not easy to acclimatize to the changes in the body. Moreover, since the hormones are all over the place, children can then experience stress on account of these as well.

School: Another common source of stress for children is due to school. Some might be experiencing separation anxiety, whereas for others it is the stress of education that is getting to them.

If the peers or teachers are unhelpful, partaking in making fun of the child or bullying them, they are also then likely to become stressed. Problems with friends, either forming friendships or issues with the existing ones can also cause this problem.

World events: While children might not be able to fully comprehend the intricacies of the world affairs, they still can get affected by them. Whether it be political turmoil, financial meltdown, or natural catastrophe, your child may then become stressed from the onslaught of the negative news.

What should the parents do?

If you dismiss your child’s plight just because you don’t think their problems are legitimate, then you are doing a great disservice to your child. Acknowledge their problem, and relay it to them. Help them in any capacity possible; try to ascertain the cause by working with them, so it can be remedied.

Also, while there is a lot that parents can’t control, there is plenty that they can. So, work to help your child in any capacity possible.

Moreover, children might also need the expertise of a mental health expert to manage their stress levels. For the physical problems on account of the stress, it is then important to visit experts atIslamabad Specialists Clinic for the resolution of the symptoms.