Nowadays, everybody is having a clicks form of the existence. So, we all know you’re here to understand about this. This latest application installing platform goes around in Saudi Arabia presently. Everything we want from house to visit things are on our cell phones through applications for that particular task.

Here’s Scam or otherwise is going to be discussed. We always locate a filtered application downloader which brings with best apps for the devices.

What’s Ipazilla?

The Ipazilla is really a global warehouse of well-known applications and games. With more than countless applications which go evenly on every dais (android and ios), it is really an application basket that you need to unbolt, select the selection of application, valve to operate and download and revel in. But, dear, don’t set off came from here before knowing Is Scam! So, first, we wish to enrich you using the information regarding this platform.

Specs of

•           Type of Portal- application downloader platform.

•           Brand owner – unavailable

•           Update – Only 5 Several weeks Ago (2021-01-28)

•           Address-street address not given.

•           Website-

•           Email Address- not pointed out.

•           Contact Detail- not given.

•           Customer Review- on the majority of websites found negative reviews, but because the website is totally new, very few comments are available, therefore we still additional information to locate Is Scam.

•           User-friendly- unable to tell you desktop/laptop. Access can be obtained through cellular devices only.


Our situation study are only able to advantage with this portal because use of many apps and selection groups will come in one place.


Disadvantages will also be away from many glances, but we must find needed some alert before you go to this platform. Let’s take track of it,

•           Firstly, facts are unavailable for that brand owner.

•           Secondly, contact information aren’t pointed out.

•           Thirdly, an actual address isn’t provided.

•           Most importantly, access from desktop/laptop isn’t available.

Is Scam or otherwise?

We ought to not 100% state that this platform is really a scam because it is protected with SSL and HTTPS. But Norton URL states the web site is untested, therefore we should have to be 100% sure about its legacy prior to going further for just about any Mobile application.


As already informed within the specifications that, this website is totally new, so very few comments are available. Individuals have given negative reviews on some sites, with no section for reviews can be obtained around the portal.

Final Ask Is Scam:

To the understanding, this website isn’t 100% reliable to gain access to that others can chop your computer data, so not can get on. And, should you still want go for it ., tendency to slack permissions while installing any application through it.