If there are types of eyelash extensions that have never been missing at stores, they are hybrid vs classic. They are the basic types of eyelash extensions that believers often require. Despite having existed for a long time, they are still loved since hybrid lashes vs classic lashes have different advantages. And of course, the profit they bring is also not the same.

Hybrid lashes vs classic: which ones bring you more profit?

We once shared in another article about pricing products for those starting their eyelash extension salon or an eyelash extension service. Accordingly, the expense for services must be based on many factors. However, the pricing is certainly profitable for the shop owner. In this article, we will discuss more the profit generated by eyelash extensions, typically hybrid vs classic. Which is the type that helps you earn more?

About hybrid lashes: A type of eyelash extension cannot be ignored when you want to provide eyelash extension services. This style is loved by everyone for its perfection when it combines both classic and volume while creating lashes with a moderate opening but not too monotonous and a smooth texture. In addition, the highlights also help the eyes become charming and full of energy. According to a survey, a set of hybrid lashes costs about $190 or more. If the client returns to your salon after 3 to 4 weeks for re-fill, you will gain 100% of the service again. It takes about 120 mins to finish a set since it is quite complicated and requires skilled technicians.

About Classic: A type of extension cannot be more “classic”! Most clients prefer it because of its simplicity and lightness. Not aiming to change the client’s eye shape too much, classic lashes help the eyes become more flawless. This set of lashes starts at $160 or more and is created in the range of 90 mins to 105 mins. The number of eyelashes used for classic is from 80 to 100 fibers. An outstanding advantage compared to other styles is that the classic lashes do not require high skills, even beginner technicians can do it. In addition, this type of eyelash extension is also suitable for almost any client. They can use it every day without worrying about it being too noticeable.

In general, in terms of the price of hybrid lashes vs classic, the cost that clients need to spend on the hybrid is slightly higher. However, this also means that the investment in skill is also higher. In contrast, classic is simple and does not take much time, so costs are reduced. In addition, when the classic only needs individual lashes, the hybrid needs both classic and volume lashes.

An even more interesting point is that if hybrid lashes help users get eyelashes that are not only simple but also impressive, classic is a popular type of eyelash extension. This has helped classic to always be the first choice of first-time clients for eyelash extensions. As you know, classic lashes are not picky about clients, so the number of clients of this type is often superior to other types.

Thus, hybrid lashes vs classic both have great advantages, and each type has a way of conquering different clients. So the profitability of hybrid lashes vs classic is not only in price but also depends on other factors such as:

Store location or target audience: A store in central cities, where young people is trendy, will be an advantage for hybrids. But if you’re targeting middle-aged officers, it would be different.

Materials: Choosing cheap or high-priced ingredients greatly affects the profitability of services in general and hybrid lashes vs classic in particular. Both aim for naturalness, so you should avoid harsh materials that look “fake” and don’t look like natural lashes. Instead, faux mink lashes should be prioritized. Although the expenses are somewhat superior to normal materials, it gives you much more perfect results.

Next are the accompanying materials such as glue, tweezers, eye pads, etc. They all directly affect the profit of each lash set. However, that’s not why you cut these costs by choosing bad materials. There are other smarter ways to optimize expenses.

Technician skills: The difference in technical requirements of the two types of eyelash extensions also shows different profit values. This factor makes clients accept it happily even if they spend more than other stores. Therefore, accumulating experience and improving skills is always the best and long-term step to developing your services.

In addition, you should also invest in promotion, service introduction, after-sales activities, experience services of hybrid lashes vs classic for new clients, etc.

Thus, the question of hybrid lashes vs classic: which is more profitable, depends on many factors. We need an overview and a fact-based assessment. But we believe that a better way you can fully control is to focus on improving quality, being skilled, and always updating new trends. That way, you will generate a lot of profit for all your services.

Good luck. Stay tuned for our next articles!