Thinking of escaping the mundane routine? Need some time off to relax and freshen up? If yes, then you are at the right place. In this write-up, we will discuss one of the best get-away destinations in the USA for people who want to re-energize. In just one town of 10.1 square miles, there’s a plethora of things to see and do in Gatlinburg. From its thriving art scene to rich Cherokee history, this town offers something for every type of traveler.

Gatlinburg overflows with diverse activities, lively shows, museums, and natural wonders to keep you entertained for weeks. With the nation’s most famous park at its center and some of the best hiking and adventure opportunities, this gateway to the Great Smoky Mountains is a must-visit destination. 

It is a home to the most significant number of Ripley’s in America, fun activities for children, and various adventurous amusement parks, this town assures you one of the most memorable vacations ever.

Besides the wide range of outdoor activities, Gatlinburg is also home to plenty of novelty food stores, shops, and fantastic restaurants. The Village Shops have almost 27 different unique eateries, boutiques, and galleries, resembling a quaint European village. Filled with outdoor recreation and cultural marvels, this town provides you with an unforgettable experience.

But before planning activities, don’t forget to look for accommodations. Keep in mind that your lodgings either break or make your experience. Hence, consider looking for hotels in Gatlinburg TN with indoor pool so you and your family can have a fun experience even when you’re staying indoors instead of exploring.

Here are some great activities you should plan while going to Gatlinburg.

  1. Spend the day at Ober Gatlinburg

Do you know the Ober Aerial Tramway isn’t just a means of transportation but an extraordinary attraction itself? The Ober Gatlinburg lets you experience the gorgeous views of the Great Smoky Mountains. Undoubtedly, the mountains look beautiful from the ground level. But there is nothing better than flying high above the forests as you climb the 2 miles from this town to Ober Gatlinburg.

Not just that, you can also experience some adventurous activities at Gatlin’s Ober. If you’re taking a trip to Gatlinburg in winter, you can participate in incredible activities such as snow tubing, skiing, or snowboarding. But don’t think this attraction is only fun in winter. It offers adventurous activities like alpine slides, mountain coasters, and wildlife encounters throughout the year, making it one of the perfect vacation spots.

  1. Take a trip up the Gatlinburg Space Needle

If you want to get the best views of the Great Smoky Mountains during your trip to Gatlinburg, don’t forget to put Gatlinburg Space Needle on your list. This attraction offers a breathtaking 360-degree view where you can see for miles, so don’t forget to carry your camera for some fantastic pictures. In addition, there are also free viewfinders on the observation counter where you can zoom in to enjoy a close-up view of the gorgeous surroundings.

Moreover, you never know when you might get fortunate enough to spot some exotic animals in the wildlife. Even though the daylight hours provide a fantastic sight, remember to be back at night so you can look down upon the lights of the town. Besides that, visiting Space Needle gives you a chance to explore the Higher Leaner Exhibits, allowing you to learn about the history and facts of the area.

The best part about visiting the Space Needle is that it’s fun for people of all ages. It not only offers fun activities for adults, but children will also be thrilled to know about the massive arcade at the base of the tower named Arcadia.

  1. Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster

We’re sure you must have been on roller coasters before. But have you ever experienced the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster? It’s an exciting ride full of adventure as you go down the mountainside, where you buckle yourself into a carriage and manage your speed yourself. Even though the Gatlin Mountain Coaster isn’t the only alpine coaster, trust us; it’s one of the best. The views are breathtaking as they rush past, allowing you to reach a speed limit of 30 miles per hour.

  1. Visit Ripley’s Aquarium 

While planning a trip to Gatlinburg, Ripley’s Aquarium is an absolute must-visit. But do you know why? One of the best things about visiting Ripley’s Aquarium is that it’s a perfect escape for every tourist. It doesn’t matter whether you have little kids or grandparents with you. This attraction guarantee that the whole group will have fun.

Ripley’s Aquarium has all kinds of aquatic animals. From coral reefs to tropical fish, it has a little bit of everything. You won’t just find Japanese snow crabs but scorpion fish, keeping your entire family excited.

Visiting Ripley’s Aquarium also becomes enjoyable for kids as it has all kinds of great interactive displays that they will enjoy. For instance, your kids can touch horseshoe crabs in the Discovery Center. When you go to Penguin Playhouse, your children can run across the playground and can see the penguins.

  1. Go Whitewater Rafting 

On your vacation to Gatlinburg, remember to treat yourself to a life-long memorable experience at the Great Smokey Mountains with its whitewater rafting adventures. 

The best part about a whitewater rafting experience is that you don’t have to worry about anyone feeling missed out because of their age or height. A trip to this fantastic spot is perfect for almost all age groups without requiring prior experience.

Final Thoughts

Not sure how you get the most out of your days in Gatlinburg? Read the activities mentioned above and look for the ones that fit your taste and needs. If you’re looking for an adventurous experience, consider spending a day at Gatlinburg’s whitewater rafting. Whereas if you want to spend most of your time looking at the gorgeous views, take out time to visit the Space Needle.   

Hope you got the gist of why you should visit Gatlinburg with your family or even solo.