Virtual awards ceremonies are all the rage. Companies are looking for ways to reward hard-working employees, high-performing students, or anyone who has made an impact in their life. While traditional awards ceremonies allow for face-to-face thanks and congratulations, virtual awards ceremonies are not only an option that can usually be done right from home without even leaving your office chair; they are becoming increasingly popular due to the flexibility it allows for people to attend when they cannot make a physical event. To help you plan a rewarding virtual awards ceremony there are some simple things to keep in mind.

1) Keep It Short

An awards ceremony is traditionally expected to last around one hour. However, with virtual events you want to keep them short enough so participants don’t lose interest, but not so short that it feels like an afterthought. A good length for a virtual awards ceremony is typically between 10 and 20 minutes.

2) Keep It Interactive

While giving out awards is usually an individual event, the best way to keep people participating in your virtual awards ceremonies is to make them interactive. Allow participants to submit their nominees or ask questions about the awards throughout the process. They will love feeling included in the event! Also, crystal trophy style awards are perfect for virtual ceremonies because they look great and can be used as a screensaver after the event.

3) Make Sure Your Technology Stays Put Together

Technology can be unpredictable at times so you want to make sure everything goes smoothly during your virtual ceremony. Plan ahead with anyone else who might be involved with recording or streaming so you are all on the same page when it comes time for the event. Having a backup plan also doesn’t hurt in case your technology fails you at the last minute either, which it has before!

4) Keep It Organized

Virtual events are quite popular for employees or students who work or study far away from their supervisor or professor. However, if virtual ceremonies become too large with too many participants, not everyone will get the chance to speak directly with you, and they might feel like their efforts were overlooked. To avoid this, make sure that during your ceremony that you take time to mention everyone who is participating in some way (nominating someone, nominating yourself, etc.) so that no one feels left out of the process.

5) Take Advantage Of The Technology You Have Access To

With virtual awards ceremonies, you can offer much more than traditional awards ceremonies. You can (and should!) take advantage of this fact by including videos, pictures, polls, and other interactive elements that will allow your participants to feel like they are included in the event itself.

6) Make The Stage Big

If you are having a virtual ceremony it means that not everyone will have the opportunity to speak in person. To combat this use videos, polls, and other interactive features to give all participants a voice in the event itself.

7) Make Sure You Have Your Technology Ready

Planning for your virtual awards ceremony might seem easy enough at first glance, but what happens when things go wrong? Well, they usually do! Having technical difficulties during your virtual ceremony is more common than you think, so make sure that you (and anyone else involved) can troubleshoot problems right away without losing too much time. Also if someone drops out of the process be prepared to fill their spot at the last minute with one of your nominees or by yourself if necessary.

8) Be Prepared

To have a successful virtual awards ceremony, you need to be flexible and ready for anything. Being prepared for the worst will allow you to handle issues quickly if they come up so that your participants can get back on track without missing too much of what is going on. Remember that everyone will have different connections from home so if one person’s connection isn’t working well it could cause others to lag as well!

In conclusion, Virtual Award Ceremonies are held to recognize the good work that people do. They are an excellent way to reward your employees, students, or even yourself! Plan your next ceremony by keeping these in mind and make sure it goes off without a hitch!