Perth is the largest and the capital city of Western Australia (WA). This beautiful city is best known for its craft beers and opera companies, but it also has many more things to offer tourists!

In the year ending in June 2020, Perth had over 4.7 million tourists, out of which 4 million were domestic visitors. If you are also planning to take a business trip there, here are some fun things you can check out in Perth!

1. Spot kangaroos

Visiting Australia without spotting a few kangaroos here is unacceptable! You might have heard of the famous Kangaroo Island near Adelaide, but Perth also has its own kangaroo sanctuary on Heirisson Island.

If you want exact directions, this sanctuary is located in the Swan River, between the suburbs of east Perth and Victoria Park.

In the kangaroo sanctuary, you can spot lots of adorable kangaroos of all ages and sizes. However, for the best viewing experience, go there when the authorities feed the kangaroos in the evening.

2. Explore Fremantle Prison

Fremantle Prison is listed on the world heritage list, but did you know that this prison has an intricate system of underground tunnels that most tourists miss out on? The most exciting part of this tunnel system is that you can only access it by boat since it’s filled with waterways.

If you wish to participate in the tour system of these tunnels, you can talk to the Freemantle authorities, and they’ll fit you with a hard hat and waterproof costumes. After this, you’ll be able to descend into the tunnelways built in the 1800s and breathe in a slice of the past!

3. Visit the unusual gelato shops

Are you a lover of ice cream? Then you must definitely visit the Chi Cho New Wave in Perth! You won’t just get boring old flavors like vanilla and strawberry here.

Instead, you’ll be able to sample unique tastes like Prickly Pear cactus sorbet and Candied Bacon. Many more such quirky gelato shops sell gelato of different flavors.

Gusto Gelato is another such store that owns flavors like vanilla with french fries! Finally, if you want a further taste of Perth’s best gelato, visit the Whisk Creamery for some mouthwatering combinations and flavors.

4. View Australia’s largest taxidermy collection

For the ones who love studying living beings and their history, the Australian Academy of Taxidermy is the place to visit.

This amazing collection of over 2000 stuffed animals and reptiles is located in Perth and contains its own Museum of Natural History. Here, you can wander among the taxidermist kangaroos, sharks, deer, emus, and even life-sized dinosaur models!

This entire taxidermy collection is maintained by master taxidermist Michael Buzza, who has more than four decades of experience in this area. All the donations made here go straight to preserving these unique animals.

5. Go to the tourist cave

Did you know that Crystal Cave, located in the Yanchep National Park, is not simply an empty cave? Instead, this lovely place has hundreds of different collections of shawls, stalagmites, and columns. The Crystal Cave also has a 45-minute guided tour to get in-depth knowledge of the cave and the national park.

However, if you suffer from claustrophobia, then there are some tight spaces that you need to stay cautious about. If you’re interested in taking the tour, you can contact the McNess House visitor center.

6. Book adult services

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Contrary to popular belief, Australia has a legalized system of escort services, and there is no taboo attached to it. All you have to do is search on the internet, choose a legitimate website, and talk to the service providers!

Over to you…

Even though your business meetings can be monotonous, your trip to Perth doesn’t have to be. Simply go through this list and start booking your tickets right away to ensure your trip is unforgettable!