Vacation rental marketing progression

Airbnb, TripAdvisor, and VRBO have become fertile grounds for providing locations to guests all over the globe. Business is rising as more and more people choose to rent via these services rather than book a hotel room. According to a Research and Markets analysis, the rental business will be valued at around $170 billion by 2019.

If you own a vacation property, this portends a prosperous future. A booming industry implies more opportunities to profit from your property. However, a larger market means more competition, so establishing something that distinguishes your house from other properties in your desired location is critical.

Because of the competitive climate, vacation rental marketing tactics are evolving. Photographs of the property’s outside and inside have become the norm for vacation rental marketing. On one end of the range are beautiful professional photographs emphasizing all of the features. Fuzzy mobile phone images are on the opposite extreme of the spectrum. These photographs, whether professional or amateur, only provide prospective visitors a general impression of what the rental comprises.

There is now a means to go beyond the fundamentals.

Drones give unique perspectives.

Drone videography is the hottest new competitive advantage for owners trying to increase their listing’s booking rate. Drones equipped with high-definition cameras will be used to take magnificent images of the property and its surroundings. The Drone Genius offers professional editing and engaging music create a movie-like video tour of properties that outperforms even the best images. Consider the difference between viewing a movie trailer and glancing at a movie poster: the former gets you more interested to see the movie, right?

As a result, showing homes using drone footage paired with interior photography is quickly becoming the new standard for all-inclusive vacation rental marketing.

Property owners and managers are turning to the drone industry to stay ahead of the trend and boost their property’s visibility on listing sites, bring more visitors to their website, and raise the perceived value of their rental.

The explanation behind the tendency

Millions of people pursuing listing sites are looking at your home and considering a stay. The content on such sites – or on your own website – such as images and descriptions, provide tenants with data about your home but do not stress the experience. The finest marketing tells a narrative, and video allows you to do it like no other media.

Depending on the location and tone of the property, stories might be quite varied. What’s the finest thing about a drone video? Each one will tell its own story. A property film in Los Angeles may bring to life the surrounding beaches and busy nightlife, but a property video in the Midwest might capture the natural style. Viewers are left with a greater connection to the listing and may more readily envisage themselves staying there in each scenario.

Drone filming is essential in today’s digital age for getting more people to look at and book your property.

Increase your profits with vacation rental software

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