Moving can be one of the most stressful things you do in life. You must collect everything you own, plan when to make the trip, and get everything there in one piece. That’s why 45% of Americans say that moving is one of their most stressful events in life.

However, you can make things easier by looking for help. Professional movers can help you get everything to your new home without any issues.

You owe it to yourself to get everything you can from moving services when you spend so much money on the process. Keep reading to learn what to look for when hiring professional movers.

Don’t Introduce Surprises

The price you get from your local movers will be based on what you tell them about your move. You’ll let them know what things you need to move, how much stuff you have, where you need to move, and many other things.

But things get more complicated when the day of the move comes, and there are surprises.

For instance, think about what happens if you have a heavy item like a piano and don’t tell your movers. Moving pianos takes another skill and additional equipment. Your movers may not have the equipment to make that move.

In cases like this, you may not get your piano moved. Make sure to go into complete detail about your move to ensure you get every moving service you need.

Consider Packing Services

One big thing to do when you hire professional movers is to give them what they need to do their jobs. For many people, that means packing ahead of time.

Unfortunately, some people put off packing and don’t have everything ready on moving day. That means movers will sit around doing nothing while you finish getting everything ready.

If you don’t have much time to pack, check to see if a moving company offers this service. This means your movers will have no problem packing your stuff and moving it to your truck.

Of course, you may not want them to pack all your stuff. This is especially true if you have valuable items in your home. It makes sense to pack this stuff yourself and let your movers handle less-important moving items.

Label Your Boxes

Another part of moving that takes more time than necessary is figuring out where to place your items in your new home. Movers won’t know where things go if they don’t know what’s in every box. They’ll put your stuff in one location instead of where it needs to be.

You can avoid this problem by labeling your boxes. Categorize your possessions and pack those categories together.

Take your kitchen, for instance. Your goal is to pack all your plates, silverware, and kitchen equipment in the same boxes. Label those boxes as kitchen after you’re done.

Doing this will help your movers put things in the right place in your new home. That’s less time you need to spend finding and organizing stuff in your new home.

Label Fragile Boxes

Putting the category of items on your boxes isn’t the only thing you need to do when packing items. A moving company doesn’t know how many vulnerable items are in a box if you don’t tell them. They may end up putting something in an unsafe place if they believe nothing will break.

You can keep your items safer and have a more successful move by putting fragile items in safe boxes and labeling them as fragile. Professional movers have a different process for handling delicate items, so you won’t need to worry about things breaking.

Stick Around on Moving Days

Yes, you need to get out of the way of your movers when they’re doing their jobs. You don’t want to be running into each other and causing problems that slow down the process. But that doesn’t mean you should completely disappear and can’t be found.

You need to make yourself available on your moving day. While things may go smoothly most of the time, you never know when an issue will arise that needs your attention.

Movers may do things wrong if you’re not there to clarify things. Stick around and stay out of the way to ensure you can answer questions.

Get Enough Insurance

You aren’t getting value for your move if your items don’t arrive at your home in one piece. Even if you hire great movers, you never know what will happen in transit. People can make mistakes, and moving trucks can get into accidents.

This is even truer if you’re hiring cross country movers. There’s more time for accidents to happen, so you have more risk in this situation.

To get the most value from your move, ensure you have enough insurance for your items. Insurance will give you peace of mind and ensure you can replace broken stuff if accidents occur.

Empty Desks and Drawers

Movers don’t always move heavy objects like desks in drawers. It isn’t because it’s out of scope for the move. It’s because it’s dangerous to move items with drawers that fly out and have other stuff still inside.

If you want your movers to do their jobs well, make it easier for them. Remove dresser drawers and the content inside ahead of time. This will reduce the weight of those items and ensure your movers take care of everything you need them to move.

Get Everything You Can From Moving Services

You’re spending a lot of money when you hire moving services. You’re paying for truck space, fuel, labor, and many other things. Why wouldn’t you look for as much value as possible when spending so much money?

Unfortunately, some people will look for the bare minimum and not get enough value for the money they spend. Remember the things above when you hire movers to get the value you deserve during your next move.

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