Tennis is one of the most popular betting disciplines. Today, approximately 20-25 percent of bets are accepted by bookmakers in this section. Players can bet on a variety of outcomes, including wins in games or sets, as well as statistics. You can bet in pre-match or live, so in tennis, you can use various strategies to get dividends.

Types of tennis bets and their features

As in other sports, tennis has several different tournaments that can be earned with due attention to pre-match preparation. You can bet on the US open at, where you can find a wide range of tennis bets. Players will need a minimum of time to register and get acquainted with the site, after which it will be possible to proceed directly to betting. During betting, you can choose the following outcomes:

  • the victory of one of the tennis players;
  • a bet with a handicap;
  • bet on total;
  • a bet on the correct score.

You can bet on the winner of a match, set, or game. If the players do not want to follow the entire match, then it is easier to bet on the outcome of one of its segments. Also, players are free to make a sports bet on the total by determining the probable score in a match or a separate set. The total can be more or less depending on the predicted performance during the meeting between the teams. The handicap for games and sets also has its characteristics. Players can bet with a minus handicap on the favorite or with a plus handicap on the underdog. A bet on the correct score is also welcome if the players can predict the outcome of the match.

Visitors to the bookmaker have access to a large number of regular and combo bets. For example, you can bet on the number of games or the player’s victory in the first set.

Tennis betting strategy

Since tennis betting has been around for many years, betters have developed several effective strategies at once. In tennis matches, there is often a favorite who is superior in class to his opponent. In this case, a rational decision would be to bet on sets, which is what one of the strategies calls for. To increase the chances of winning, it is recommended to choose the men’s singles in one of the popular tournaments, for example, in the Grand Slam series. The game continues until the athlete wins in three sets. Bets on favorites are made at odds of 1.10-1.30, which is the norm for players with a big difference in class. This is not very profitable for betters, so it is better to take bets with a handicap on an outsider (+2.5), which will increase the odds to 2.0.

Professional betters are well aware that the underdog has little chance of winning the tournament. At the same time, the favorite can give up one of the segments in the match, which will be enough to trigger this handicap. It is necessary to choose matches that correspond to the strategy with all the attention to detail. For reliability, one should turn to statistics, which today are distinguished by detail. The statistics of the favorite and the underdog in tournaments with similar quotes are very important. The results of the favorite must be less than 50 percent of “clean” wins, while the outsider must lose at least half of the matches, taking at least one set. Only in this case, the rate will be justified from a statistical point of view.

Tennis is great for live betting. Here the odds are constantly changing, which allows you to find the moment when the bookmaker offers sufficiently high odds even for the favorite.