As the dark days of winter settle in, it can almost seem like the long sunny days of summer never happened and are just a whisper of a memory. We wake up in darkness, and it’s dark again before dinner. On some cloudy days, it can feel as though we don’t get any light at all.

Exposure to natural light is essential for the health of our bodies and our minds. While going for a walk is a great way to soak in some natural light, in winter, it’s essential to get every drop we can, which is why bringing more of it into our homes is a good strategy. 

A lighter, brighter home will have an instant effect on your mood. However, some homes have more of an abundance of light than others. But even if your house isn’t naturally as light and bright as others, there are ways to increase it. 

If you are looking around your dark and gloomy home craving some natural light, read on to learn how to boost the light in your home.

Scrub Those Windows

In a perfect world, you could snap your fingers and add more windows or make your existing windows larger to allow for more light, but in this world, it takes time. While getting new windows from a high-quality window manufacturer like Golden Windows is a great long-term solution to your lighting needs, we need options that can be implemented immediately.

It can be surprising, but the dirt that accumulates on windows can significantly reduce the amount of light your house gets, even if it’s not noticeable dirt. Scrub your windows inside and preferably outside to remove the layer of dirt. Once you’re done, you’ll be amazed at how much more light filters through and how much brighter your home gets.

Add Mirrors

If you have any windows that provide some light, use mirrors to amplify it. Add mirrors strategically to the walls opposite your light-gathering windows to bounce the light around the room. If you have darker areas that light never seems to reach, like a dark corner or windowless hallway, try playing with mirrors to try to direct sunlight that way. The results can be significant.

Remove Light Obstructions

Just as a layer of non-visible dirt can block the sunlight, so can obvious obstructions. If you have anything blocking your windows – shelves, decorations, plants – remove them if you really want to allow the lightest in as possible. 

Depending on the location of the window, you might also consider removing window coverings. This might not work for windows where privacy is an issue, but for windows that are more private, it can be a fantastic solution.


We all know that dark colors absorb heat and light while light colors are more reflective. Even if you love deep, dark colors, if you really want to lighten and brighten your home, opt for light colors to get more light reflection.