A dirndl dress is incomplete without the right pair of shoes. You might have tons of matching shoes, but with dirndl, you have to be careful what you wear. There are many reasons for it. A dirndl dress is different from any other dress you wear. 

A German dirndl dress is a traditional attire. Women previously wore it in Bavaria and Austria. To pick the right pair of shoes, let’s look at dirndl dresses to make a perfect choice.

What should you know about a dirndl dress?

To buy a perfect pair of shoes, let’s first understand a dirndl dress. A dirndl was nothing more than a folk costume. This dress was worn in the 19th century by working-class women. It consists of a loose-fit bodice along with a low neckline. Women used to pair it with a high-waist skirt and an apron. It was available only in black, blue and light pink with a white blouse.

You can also check out different kinds of dirndl dresses to choose the best for your taste. The most popular dirndls are listed below.

Vintage dirndl

A vintage touch dirndl is very much in demand. It is still appealing and one of the best-selling pieces online and in stores. Women still prefer floral embroidered dirndl blouses and ribbon-detailed bodices. It is all about how you want to customize your outfit. You can also choose to put buttons on your bodice. A dirndl also comes with frill sleeves. If you are a fan of frill sleeves and want to stay connected to the roots of dirndl dresses, then opt for it.

Checkered style dirndl

The checkered style dirndl dress inspiration derives from the fact that it was once known as ‘maid’s uniform.’ A dirndl dress has evolved and is one of the most fashionable outfits. There are various styles available for you to explore.

Satin fabric

The silky satin fabric gives more glamorous vibes than any other fabric. It is the best-picked for an Oktoberfest. You can have a wide range of striking color aprons to pair along. These aprons add color to your outfit as well as to the events. Oktoberfest is all about colors and having fun. Make sure you choose a good color combination for your dress.

Solid dirndl

Women still love solid-colored dresses all over the world. It immediately grabs the audience’s attention and separates them from the rest. Similarly, a solid-colored dirndl dress looks as good as any other fabric or contrasting color outfit.

Most suited shoes with dirndl dresses

We live in an era where you can have shoes in every style and shade. However, you need to be watchful while wearing it with a dirndl dress.

Bavarian sneakers

If you love to embrace sporty looks with your dirndl dress, then a Bavarian sneaker is the perfect choice for you. They are a great way to reminisce about Bavarian time and make the most of your Oktoberfest.

Ballerina flats

Hit the dance floor with your ballerina flats. They are comfy yet stylish and go well with dirndl dresses. It is one of the most laid-back alternatives to heels, sneakers, and boots. Feel free-spirited and enjoy Oktoberfest like any other local

Long boots

Let’s take a step further to have a pleasing experience with a dirndl dress. Long boots and dirndls are a match made in heaven, especially in winters. You can pair it with velvet or corduroy fabric dirndls and rock the vintage look.


Pumps are a great choice if you are looking to attend long hours events. It gives you comfort with a touch of elegance. Keep your pumps simple and trendy. It is a wise choice to buy a pair of shoes in which you are comfortable. However, if you get comfort and style in one shoe, you must go for it.

Block heels

Every dress is incomplete without a pair of heels. You can’t simply ignore that heels give you an edge with a dirndl. However, a stiletto won’t be an appropriate fit with it. You should only opt for block heels. It will give you a more glamorous look to your attire.

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