From choosing the right dirndl to the perfect hair and make-up, it’s all about perfecting your look and drawing attention to your stunning eyes. So when choosing the perfect pair of dirndl shoes, it’s important to consider the shape of the heel and toe, for example, wedge, peep, or spool.

If you are a girl, you want to look great and comfortable at the event. For this reason, it is important to know what type of shoes fit the dress itself.

Selecting the Right Dirndl Shoes for Oktoberfest this Year

The perfect shoe to pair with an Oktoberfest dirndl is comfortable, but it must also be stylish. This can be difficult because you may want to wear something that is both comfortable and stylish, but it is important to remember to consider both the comfort of the shoe and its style when choosing the right pair.

The fashionable German girl knows that booties and flats are the most comfortable shoes for extended periods. If you want to look your best at the dirndl mania, make sure your shoes are stylish and comfortable!

Ballerina Flats

Ballerina flats are a staple of every woman’s wardrobe. Their classic elegance and adaptability make them appropriate for any occasion; they can be worn with a formal gown or a pair of jeans. Most ballet flats are made of taupe, pink, lilac, and gray suede leather.

These flat shoes, inspired by actual ballerina slippers, are one of the most comfortable and stylish options for you to sport at German festivals. Leopard-print or snakeskin designs are just some of the many excellent options in luxury leather.


When opting for the traditional, Bavarian-inspired pumps, look for a pair made of leather or suede. The color palette ranges from black and beige to mustard, burgundy, blue, pink, and brown hues.

For a picturesque look at this Oktobefest, try pumps with a floral print. The subtlety of the floral pattern, combined with the sleek elegance of the pump silhouette, create an elegant, feminine touch.

Mary Jane Shoes

Mary Jane shoes are typically made of black synthetic leather, with low heels and a thin strap with a buckle that crosses your foot. Famous designers have used Mary Janes’s shoe pattern in making many of their own shoes.

Try low-heeled pumps and Mary Jane for a stroll around the grounds to complement an Alpine-influenced ensemble. This dress is perfect for the Halloween season, and with a pair of skeleton leggings or black stockings, it would also be appropriate for going to a Fall Oktoberfest celebration.

Pair Mary Jane shoes with embroidered ankle-length or knee-high socks, textured stockings, and other luxe accessories.

German Boots 

Bavarian tracht style boots are perfect for pairing with the right type of attire. They come in different lengths and heel heights, like mid and low-level heels. Black Nappa leather is the most common material used to make these shoes, with a zipper at the side and laces for added comfort and grip.

The perfect boot for every occasion, these boots feature a subtle heart embroidery and are made with mahogany leather. They’re designed with mid-length heels and come in rufous, caramel, pecan, mocha, maroon, and crimson hues.

Discover a unique and captivating style with a special tip for suede boots. Choose single-tone suede boots with two-toned laces for a luxurious look.

High Toes 

Although high-toe shoes are athletic, they are also a very fashionable choice for tomboys or sporty girls who want the convenience of a shoe that can pass as both casual and athletic. The high-top reaches just past the wearer’s ankle, making it easier to move around without worrying about tripping.

If you want to wear your Oktoberfest dirndl at an upscale event, choose the ones with floral patterns and contrasting laces. These shoes offer comfort and style with such attire.

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