Custom-designed decals have become quite popular because of their versatility, capability to display sophisticated graphics in vibrant color, long life, and good value for money. With myriad uses for stickers and decals, some of the most common applications are on cars, trucks, and shop windows. As attractive as they can look, they also need regular care and maintenance to keep them looking good and increase their lifespan. Some maintenance tips for different kinds of decals and stickers:

Vehicle Decals

Car stickers are among the simplest yet most attractive options for boosting the looks of your vehicle. However, the stickers are exposed to harsh weather conditions, including extreme temperatures, bright sunshine, heavy rain, ice, snow sleet, high winds, dust, and more. These conditions can cause the stickers to become dirty and spoil their looks. Not only do you need to ensure that you apply the stickers correctly, but you need to also know how to clean them to restore their good looks and extend their lifespan.

You need to clean the surface where the sticker is to be applied. The best way is to use a cloth soaked in warm soapy water to remove all the dust, debris, and sticky deposits, after which you should dry the surface. You should apply rubbing alcohol on the surface with a clean cloth to ensure there are no sticky deposits that can prevent the custom decals from sticking properly.

The best way of cleaning is to first hose down the vehicle with water to remove dust, dirt, and debris and then wash the area on which the sticker has been applied with warm soapy water and rinse again with water to remove the soap. While you can use a household detergent, make sure it does not have harsh ingredients like ammonia or alcohol that can damage both the sticker and the car paint, according to Microban. Only use a sponge or a soft cloth to wash so that you do not scratch the stickers.

Window Decals

Attractive window decals on your storefront or windows of your commercial building can transform its looks, making it visually appealing as well as an effective tool for brand promotion and driving sales. The best way to clean a window decal is to use a duster to remove loose dust and debris. Wash the windows with a soapy solution; you can use any household cleaner or even a commercial glass cleaner as long as it does not contain harsh chemicals that can spoil the look of the sticker. Hand washing is best but for decals that are out of reach, you can use a squeegee but don’t apply too much pressure to prevent the stickers from peeling off.

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Vinyl stickers, decals, and wraps are extremely versatile and can be used in many different ways for making vehicles and store windows stand out to grab eyeballs. To get the best out of them, you need to ensure that they are applied properly and taken care of periodically. The processes are not difficult but need to be done correctly to ensure the best results.