Are you a fan of Murder Mystery 2? Are you seeking new weapon options for this Murder Mystery 2 game? If so, continue reading this post to find out more.

The cult Roblox game, Murder Mystery 2, is all set to launch with it’s Candleflame knife. Many gamers across the globe would like to know more about the game. This is why, in this article we will look at candleflame mm2.

About MM2 or Murder Mystery 2

Murder Mystery 2 is a horror game available on Roblox the platform that is the most popular and fastest growing online gaming platform on the planet. The game was created by Nikilis. Murder Mystery 2 is inspired by a mode of play in the sandbox game Garry’s MOD known as the Murder.

In the game the server is at least twelve players. There are twelve players on the server, there is one who is a killer, another is a sheriff and the remaining 10 players are innocent the majority of times. There are other unique items like candleflame Mm2 within the game that players are able to use.

About MM2 or Murder Mystery 2 Gameplay

Murder Mystery 2 has three modes: Casual Modes and the Hardcore mode, and Assassin mode. The players can change their mode at any time.

Within the game, the player who can spawn using a gun is the sheriff. Sheriffs are able to make their gun spawn and make sure that they protect innocent players from being murdered within the game. If the sheriff is killed in the course of shooting an innocent person or is murdered by the killer his gun will fall. The murderer has various weapons, including Candleflame Mm2. candleflame Mm2.

Anyone of the innocent players could grab the gun and possess it. The innocent person can be heroized when he is able to kill the perpetrator.

in Murder Mystery 2, if the sheriff kills the murderer the sheriff earns XP points in exchange. The amount of XP points is contingent on the number of innocents that the sheriff is able to save.

They are completely non-armed and cannot harm other players in the game. The innocent players’ sole objective is to help the sheriff in identifying the murders, so they can identify the murderer who was actually responsible.

About Candleflame Mm2

Candleflame is a divine knife. Godly knives are weapons gamers can acquire from event passes, game passes crafting, crates for trading, and coupons from purchases of merch from the shopmm2 website.

It is believed that the Candleflame knife can be released at the 2021 Halloween celebration in the Halloween 2021 Box. Its Murder Mystery 2 Halloween box from 2021 is the only event crate that is available for the Halloween event in 2021.


The powerful weapon Candleflame is attracting players in Murder Mystery 2, and they are hoping that it will be equipped with incredible capabilities. Visit the Murder Mystery 2 Wiki’s Fan pageto find out more.