In the recent scenario, online classes have made it more convenient and accessible for students to perform better in their tight schedule. Schools and colleges have been shut to prevent the spread of this virus called COVID-19. This has given way to online classes. Some educational institutions have moved to virtual classrooms. Online classes are the same as the traditional mode of learning. The only fact is that it uses technology to convey knowledge to the students.

How teachers are giving their best to help the students in this COVID-19?

Institutions and teachers are putting their extra effort to engage students in classes by doing different activities, revamping their timetables, doing discussion, providing lectures, taking feedback from the parents and helping students constantly. Even many teachers are helping students by always helping through WhatsApp and clearing their doubts.

PROS and CONS of online classes for the students

Traditional learning and online learning both have their advantages and disadvantages. Here is the list of the pros and cons of online classes:

PROS of Online class

You can take help anytime

Traditional learning is strictly depended on the time schedule of the school. However, online classes are not restricted to any such rules. You can start your coursework at any time in which you are comfortable. Just ask to take my online class for me to your teacher and they will make a plan according to your preference. Also, it could be a great benefit for those students who are bound by their work commitments or family.

Students are now more active

With the online classes, students are now more active and responsive in as compared ot the traditional learning or physical ones. Students are now liking this new concept as it is new for them and also excited to explore it with the teachers.

Audio-visual effects help in learning

Our 70% of sensory receptors of our body is in our eyes,. It is sure that we learn more from what we see than we hear. The best part of online classes is that they use audio-visual effects to make the classes interesting.

CONS of Online class

Poor-network connectivity

If you are learning from home then you need a good internet connection that helps you to continue with your study without any issue. But sometimes, because of poor network connectivity, students are not able to learn properly and even lose their interest.

Too much screening is bad for health

When you learn from online classes, you have to use a screen a lot of time, which create a lot of problems related to health issues such as bad body posture, vision and sleep disorder.

Problems in connecting with all the students

In online classes, teachers have to give classes to all the students in one time, which sometimes become a problem, as not all students get connected easily in one time.

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