The usage of candles in restaurants is increasing these days. Not just in restaurants, the user has candles in their homes. These items give a sense of serenity to their users. Candles come in different flavours and fragments. These fragile items demand higher protection.

We provide custom boxes for candles with efficient manners. In addition, the custom boxes world ensures its client’s maximum satisfaction. Besides, our packaging service is known as a crown pulling company.

Besides, we do care about every small detail for excellent packaging. In this way, we gain the client’s trust. We know very well how to convert a consumer into a customer. With high-class printing, we give elegant boxes.

Other than that, our material is super reliable. Also, a wide range of users trusts us for our material quality. Besides, we can fulfil your business needs with a viable team.

To design your required Box, reviews every detail. We can provide your small boxes as well as heavy boxes. As a result, you can pack multiple candles at the same time.

Further, personalised boxes for candles have viable importance. They add more beauty to the design of packages. As a result, brand new packaging spreads your market. There are various tools for customizations.

With the printed fleets, we provide unique packaging. In addition, with vibrant colour contrast, we tempt the audience’s interests. Also, we promise true life for your imagination.

Besides, for clients’ satisfaction, we give them excellent boxing. In addition, we strive daily for matchless Candle Packaging Boxes. Also, the tailor’s candle boxes enlarge the display beauty of stores. In addition, it boosts the visibility of shelves and online stores.

We strive hard to promote your brand awareness. Further, we want to become your ardent supporter of packaging. Plus, for higher ultimate sales, visit custom boxes world. As a result, we get ready to assist you in this field.

To give a hard time to rivals, we have various technologies. With innovative tools, we can design matchless boxes. Come to the custom boxes world and pick our top-notch boxes. Our insightful services wonder about your rivals. Contact us to explore our excellent services.

The most Common Candle Boxes:

·    Pillar Box for candle

·    Round Box for candle

·    Gift box for candle

1.    Pillar Candle Boxes;

We at Custom boxes world designs various shapes of candle boxes. In this modern era, clients want elegant boxes with different shapes. We can provide custom fancy candle boxes rapidly. Also, get boxes of premium quality at an affordable price.

Besides, our expert staff can provide you with beautiful pillar candle boxes. These boxes have the finest printing on their surface. Also, the extra ads-on design gives them more beauty.

In addition, the perfect fitting of the candle jar is also essential. The brittle candle jars are sensitive. They need extra security from dampness. As a result, we provide durable material for pillar candle boxes.

2.    Round Candle Boxes;

Round candle boxes are an idea for the majority of users. These candle boxes tempt clients’ interest within less time. Therefore, designing round candle boxes with a viable display is our expertise.

In addition, we have been assisting many brands with top boxes. Many new companies are looking for round and pillar candle boxes.

Further, our top priority is to fulfil the user’s demands. Also, clients’ trust plays a vital role in our recognition. Besides, for the strength of round boxes, we use cardboard material.

Further, with colourful ribbons, we decorate the boxes. As a result, candle boxes look fabulous with eye-catchy ribbons. Besides, you can also choose your favourite ribbon.

3.    Gift Candle Boxes;

Do you want to make your event more memorable? Gift candle boxes can fulfil your dream. With a variety of styles and shapes, beautify your Box. Plus, these boxes are useful for various purposes.

Our selection has the most common types of candle boxes. Gift candle boxes have a more attractive display. These boxes can enhance the beauty of dining tables. Also, every corner of your room smells well.

How do we Make Candle Boxes Viable?

Every business owner wants higher sales and brand identity. This is possible with unique and matchless boxing. Plus, we have a wider range of tools and hacks to grab more clients.

Printing plays a backbone role in boosting your packaging worth. In addition, do you want to beat your rivals in the packaging world? Try out our stunning packaging with high-definition printing.

Besides, our graphic team is doing excellent to embellish the Box. We include high-end printing and fancy images for extra beauty. Also, foiling stamping gives a striking display to the Box.

Moreover, our digital printing is the first choice for many users. They demand additional beauty tools to enhance their sales. Therefore, we strive hard to give them accurate boxes for candles.

We promise our boxes are not just pretty but also durable. Here we have a list of some of our best beauty hacks.

Our best and the latest adds-on;

·         Fancy Glossy & matte coating

·         Advanced UV spot foiling

·         Viable stamping

·         Lamination

·         Offset and digital printing

With these printing methods, we produce unique boxes. Also, the texture of candles remains secure with printing. Plus, graphic staff imprints authentic logos with unique colour models.

Further, with UV spot foiling, boxes shine differently. Also, the lamination of die-cut edges makes packaging matchless. In this way, a vast number of people get to know you.

Affordable and Durable Paper Stocks:

Without secure material, boxes will tear during the shipping. To address this issue, we take great care of packaging material. Hence, your candle’s life is enhanced with proper fitting.

In addition, all types of material vary according to the product shape. We guarantee 100% safety of candles. Our packaging box can bear every external stress.

Further, various hurdles during shipping can impact sensitive candles. However, we promise the perfect Box because of its durable stock.

Select the Box Material:

·         Cardboard Boxes

·         Kraft Material Boxes

·         Rigid Boxes

·         Corrugated Material Boxes

With cardboard material, we try hard to intact candles. Also, this stock is ideal for custom boxes UK candles. That’s because it offers ultra protection to fragile items. Further, the corrugated stock is perfect for shipping.

Besides, this stock preserves the fragrance of the candles. Plus, it prevents external dangers during shipping.

On the other hand, kraft stock is 100% eco-friendly. Besides, the kraft stock is recyclable easily. In this way, we save our planet from waste materials.

Rush and Free Shipping:

Our shipping policy is another attractive facility. We deliver Custom Boxes UK free of cost all over the world. Plus, our shipping speed is super fast. You cannot find our competitor in the quickest delivery.

In addition, we charge nothing for box delivery across the UK. Get great packaging without any additional penny. For brand awareness, you should choose a reliable company.


Which Colour Models are Suitable for Packaging?

We offer trendy and innovative colour models. With our colour selection, your candle boxes look elegant. These days, couples of colour models are in-demand:

1.  CMYK Colour Model

2.  PMS Colour Model

How many Box types do you offer for Candles?

We have a wide range of box styles with different designs. Besides, you can get every size and shape for your candles. We offer mainly:

1.  Pillar Candle Box

2.  Round Candle Box

3.  Gift Candle box

Can I Customise Candle Box according to my need?

Our paper material is super flexible. It can wear any shape that suits the product. You can modify it according to your demand.