Have you ever wondered what it is like to work as a Solutions Architect? For some, it’s just an ordinary job role. But if you dig deeper, you will realize that Solutions Architects are the unsung heroes in modern workplace environments, playing a vital role in bridging the gap between business needs and technology solutions.

The Microsoft MB-700: Microsoft Dynamics 365: Finance and Operations Apps Solution Architect ExamSnap.com can become your route toward filling a Solutions Architect role. The test is intended for Microsoft Dynamics 365 professionals who provide real business value to modern organizations. In this guide, we explore the role of Solutions Architects and why you need the MS-700 Dumps to guarantee job security.

Who is a Solutions Architect?

A solutions architect is a reliable IT professional responsible for creating a comprehensive technical vision that solves a specific business problem. In the broader sense, these are individuals who design and manage solutions. A competent solutions architect analyzes the existing environment and decides what technology or software product must be developed to provide the best solution for a given problem.

Job Roles and Responsibilities

As a solutions architect, you will have well-defined responsibilities that are outlined below:

  • Providing recommendations for proposed solutions
  • Performing tasks related to designing, debugging, and analyzing solutions.
  • Documenting the best practices MS-900 Dumps for new solutions.
  • Reviewing and verifying solutions and other suggestions from the IT staff.
  • Sharing and recommending new features to clients and stakeholders.

Where to Get a Job as a Solutions Architect and Associated Income Potential

Many companies will be willing to invest in such professionals as Solutions Architects to ensure they have someone to count on in case of unforeseeable challenges. A few top companies that are always on the lookout for Solutions Architects are:

  • Oracle
  • Verizon
  • Salesforce
  • Amazon
  • Blue Yonder

According to PayScale, a typical Solutions Architect earns an average salary of $121,471 per year. However, depending on your experience and qualifications, you can make up to $163k working in this role.

Become a Trusted Solutions Architect with the Microsoft MB-700 Exam

There are multiple paths leading to a Solutions Architect career. And the Microsoft MS-100 Dumps exam is just one of the many options that you can use to build a required knowledge base for this role.

The MB-700 test is designed for Dynamics 365 professionals advising stakeholders and translating business requirements into scalable solutions. Therefore, the test-takers must demonstrate that they can work with the Microsoft Power Platform MS-500 Dumps and the Dynamics 365 ecosystem. Scheduling this test will cost at least $165, with candidates only allowed to register for the English version.

Reaching a passing score of 700 points qualifies you for the Microsoft Certified: Dynamics 365: Finance and Operations Apps Solution Architect Expert certification.

Final Thoughts

It’s always nice to earn the hiring manager’s trust when getting started in a new field. And that’s only possible if your skills meet the needs of the organization you apply for. With the Microsoft AZ-303 Dumps exam, you have a valuable tool to unlock endless career opportunities in the information technology field. Give it a try today to land a lucrative role of a Finance and Operations Apps Solution Architect.