With more than 300 locations across the continental United States, Shipley Do-Nuts is truly a household name in the donut industry. Founded in 1936 by the Shipley family, this franchise has grown steadily. In addition to delicious donuts, they also offer coffee, kolach, and other pastries. This all-in-one approach has seen them become a force in the snacks industry. With such success comes more business opportunities. Shipley Do-Nuts is now a franchise that offers entrepreneurs the chance for a good investment. To find out more about Shipley Do-Nuts franchise you can visit their site for more details.

Slow But Steady

Shipley Do-Nuts was not always the powerhouse that it is today. When Lillie and Lawrence Shipley first conceived the idea of serving hot donuts to their customers in 1936, they couldn’t have imagined that their brainchild would culminate in hundreds of stores spread across thousands of miles.

The first donuts the couple baked and served were done so at their bakery at 1417 Crockett Street, Houston, Texas. This is considered the first Shipley Do-Nut establishment. 

Today, it can be hard to tell which is the best Shipley Do-Nut location, given that they, like all franchises, endeavor to provide identical service at all their locations. This means that customers are always happy to walk into any Shipley Do-Nut establishment regardless of location because they know that the service will be up to standard.

What to Consider When Purchasing a Shipley Do-Nut Franchise

The beauty of the franchise business model is that you can expect your establishment to be up and running in no time as long as you meet the major requirements. The Shipley Do-Nut franchise is there to “ teach the skills and understanding of the franchise concept” to ensure that franchisees succeed.

Before investing, a franchisee has to meet the basic capital requirements. An investor needs to be an individual of means, with a net worth of at least $600 000. This amount does not include the $35 000 in franchise fees and $200 000 in liquid assets. Of course, the love for things like donuts and kolach will go a long way toward making you appreciate this business venture. At the very least, a potential franchisee should love the idea of actively running a food joint. This will make it easier to run the franchise.

The Shipley Do-Nut franchise offers training assistance, site selection, and ongoing support to ensure that new franchisees are not left hanging.

While a franchisee can purchase a Shipley Do-Nut location outright, it’s unlikely you’ll find a franchisee willing to sell, given the continued success the franchise has enjoyed. The best option would be to build one from the ground up.

How Shipley Do-Nuts Markets Itself

In keeping with their “Make Life Delicious” slogan, the Shipley Do-Nut franchise continues to place a huge emphasis on its recipes. The vision that Lawrence Shipley had for the best-tasting donuts is still a key principle of how the franchise operates. This has ensured that their donuts and other products have largely maintained an identical taste, something their customers have come to identify with their brand.

Of course, the franchise has had to keep up with modern times. For instance, Shipley Do-Nuts recently brought onboard a digital marketing agency to help expand its reach as it pursues an aggressive growth strategy.

This is merely a culmination of the decades of a well-crafted marketing campaign that has brought success. However, the franchise recognizes that many of today’s demographics, especially the younger generation, spend vast amounts of time online. This has also coincided with the emergence of numerous social media sites that now provide a platform for businesses to promote their brand.

Shipley Do-Nuts can now continue to grow its brand with a combination of old-school grit from its roots and the latest in digital marketing strategy.

Different Locations, Similar Marketing Tactics

Being a franchise means that every franchisee can rely on the parent company’s influence to get a head start as far as marketing goes. 

The Shipley Do-Nut offers new franchisees the necessary training to ensure that they’re up to speed regarding the franchise’s overall marketing strategy. However, there is room for franchisees to experiment and make tweaks to the finer details of how they run their store. For instance, if a franchisee is a new entrant to a particular market, they may choose to advertise heavily in a way that specifically reflects the local customs of that particular region. This will greatly help sales instead of just the blanket advertising created by the corporate headquarters.