The accumulation of junk in the house is something most people try to ignore until it becomes a nuisance. However, certain activities like moving from one residence to another or renovations can lead to a quick pile-up of junk that has to be dealt with. A junk removal company like Classic Cleanouts becomes a necessity in such cases. With such companies, you can expect specialized services as far as dealing with all kinds of domestic junk, whether trash or leftover building materials. Some even go a step further and help you haul it away, ensuring that you don’t have to deal with all the hassle associated with disposing of such unwanted materials.

Many homeowners are unsure of what to do with things like damaged refrigerators, worn-out furniture, and other such household items. A junk removal company takes a lot of the guesswork out of such situations by helping you get rid of your junk quickly and effectively.

What Is Junk Removal?

This is a service that is there to ensure that you get rid of all your junk safely and effectively. A junk removal service has you covered, whether it’s remnants of old paint or debris resulting from remodeling. Activities like moving from one house to another can generate significant amounts of junk as you sort through your belongings and think of getting rid of things you no longer need. It’s always advisable to get rid of as much junk as you can prior to any move. Junk removal services will help you do this if you don’t want to personally deal with all the junk.

If you’re looking to get rid of junk, it’s a fairly simple process; you contact a junk removal company and listen to their quote. If you agree to their terms, you can make arrangements for them to come and haul your junk away. Of course, there’s the paperwork and other minor details to iron out.

Options for Junk Removal

Typically, a junk removal company will give you one of two options. These include:

i)Dumpster Rental: Here, you will get a dumpster delivered to your chosen location once you’ve contracted a particular junk removal company. This is ideal if you’re planning on moving and have a lot of things to sort through. It’s also a great option if you have some renovations or remodeling work going on because junk tends to accumulate gradually in such situations. You get to fill the dumpsters yourself at your own time. You can then contact the junk removal company to come and haul the full dumpster once you’re sure that you don’t have any junk to be removed.

ii) Truck Hauling: This is what most people think of when a junk removal company comes to mind. Here, the company will send one of their specialized trucks to where you have junk. These trucks are modified to have a dumpster for junk hauling purposes. This is the best option for when you’re done with whatever project you have going on. For example, after all the renovation work is done, you can gather all the junk in one spot before calling the junk removal company. This ensures that they can quickly evacuate the junk once they arrive on the scene.

What Will a Junk Removal Company Take?

It’s easy to assume that a junk removal company will haul anything you tell them to. However, that may not always be the case for one reason or another. For example, most jurisdictions have strict regulations about the disposal of certain materials. For instance, substances that are considered toxic even after their intended purpose has been served are top of this list. These may include;


ii) Oil drums

iii) Large amounts of pesticides

iv) Asbestos

These are some of the things that a junk removal company may not haul away because the law requires their proper disposal in other ways.

However, they usually take care of junk involving most household items, including;


ii) Boxes

iii) Construction leftover material and debris like carpeting, roofing materials, etc

iv) Yard waste

v) Tools

 vi) Appliances like television sets, computers, flat irons, etc

vii) Mattresses, furniture, electronics, toys, books, and many other miscellaneous items.

What Happens to the Junk After Removal?

Depending on the junk removal company’s policy, all the junk will most likely go to a landfill or recycling plant. Occasionally, some junk removal companies take the time to sort through all the materials they’ve collected and see if any items are still usable. These are then donated to charity organizations. Such noble gestures are crucial to hiring such a company for some customers.

All in all, it’s best to have a professional junk removal company take care of your junk and debris. It’ll save you a lot of unnecessary headaches.