If you are building a home or renovating one, then you need ideas. There are so many different ways that you can remodel a room and finding inspiration and suggestions for what you can do is usually the easiest way to begin deciding what you think you want for your room. The kitchen can be a challenging room to make decisions about because there are so many options. But that also makes kitchens fun. Planning and designing your kitchen are opportunities to make new choices and to be as creative as you want to be. Here are a few suggestions to consider for your kitchen vision board.

Stylish Storage

Building a home or a complete renovation gives you a lot of freedom for your kitchen. Storage is key in all kitchens and having a pantry is an excellent way to have storage that is in addition to the regular cabinet space. An idea to consider for your kitchen is a glass pantry door. This is a fun and easy way to make your kitchen just a bit more unique. These types of pantry doors come in a variety of designs and styles so there are options for many design aesthetics.

Adventurous Shelving

This next idea requires a bit of vulnerability. Open shelving is a great way to give a kitchen a more open and airy feel and allows you to use your shelves and your dishes as an additional design feature in the room. The shelves themselves are also a design feature, as there are a lot of design and material options for shelves that can be used. Different types of metals and woods can be used to add whatever type of feel you are going for in your kitchen. Open shelving allows you to make additional design decisions that closed cabinets would not, so if design is your thing, consider open shelving as a way to add a bit more flair to your kitchen.

Fun Appliances 

Another way to add a bit more flair or remain tastefully understated is with your appliances. The tried-and-true classic stainless steel option is always available and looks great in any kitchen design. And although stainless steel is a bit more understated, not all stainless steel looks the same. There are a variety of styles and design features available for stainless steel appliances that are interesting to look at. However, if you are looking for something a bit different than stainless steel, there are options for you as well. A lot of options actually. In addition to stainless steel, finishes can be white, black, black stainless steel, and slate. And there are even more options, for instance, if you opt for bespoke appliances. You read that correctly. You can actually design your appliances and have them made to your liking. How fun is that? So, even with appliances, there are many opportunities to be creative and have a lot of fun with design.

Innovative Appliances

In addition to design options with appliances, an option for appliances is to upgrade to smart appliances. Technology has been used to create a number of high-tech options for the kitchen that can add functionality to the kitchen and can make appliances more user-friendly or even hands-free for some appliances. A smart refrigerator and stove, for example, maybe a perfect option for a more a home that enjoys a number of smart features throughout. But even if you want a bit less of a high-tech look but still want to enjoy the benefits of the technology, there are options that will work for a less-techy design as well, so do not assume that the only design aesthetic that can have smart features in the kitchen is one that leans more modern.

There are so many opportunities to be innovative with design in a kitchen. The limits of what can be done really are only those that are put on yourself. So, embrace the freedom you have and allow your imagination and style to lead the way.