Do you have an elderly parent in Las Vegas, Nevada who has experienced mobility issues, such as a tendency to fall or the need to use a walker or wheelchair to go around the house? If that’s the case, house upgrades in Superior aimed at ensuring the safety of your elderly parents are something worth considering. You can hire professional handyman las vegas nevada for house upgradation.

The majority of individuals in the Superior region over the age of 65 desire to remain in their homes as they age, yet going about as they used to becomes increasingly difficult as time passes. Losing one’s freedom is a stressful and unpleasant experience for everyone. Being proactive now with home modifications can help your parent avoid catastrophic injury in the long run and regain the freedom they require.

As a local home renovation company, we’ve seen the need to assist others in making their houses safer as they age. The safety and accessibility of your parent’s house will be the focus of these aging-in-place home renovations.


Is your elderly parent reliant on a walker, cane, or wheelchair to go in and out of their home? One of the first vital house improvements you’ll want to do to boost safety in their Superior, WI home is the entry area.

  • Install handrails on the stairwell and in high-traffic sections of the patio or doorway.
  • Install ADA-compliant wheelchair ramps that are sturdy, easy to use, and broad enough to accommodate wheelchairs.
  • Obstructions and uneven places on paths and surfaces leading to the entryway should be removed.
  • Make sure the flooring is even.
  • The thresholds of the doorways should be levelled.
  • Increase the size of their deck or porch so that they have enough room to turn around on the entry porch.


Depending on the limits, you may need to guarantee that an aged or handicapped parent’s bedroom has important safety features. For example, a grab bar near the bed, as well as space for a power lift or ceiling sling, may be required to assist them in getting out of bed.

Their bedroom is one part of the house where security is crucial, despite the fact that there doesn’t appear to be much to do there other than sleep and get dressed. The trick is to make sure they have adequate area to move equipment about the room securely and freely. Make sure the path from the bedroom to the bathroom is clear of any obstacles.

  • Install adequate lighting.
  • Make sure there’s enough space for medical equipment.
  • Install a storage system for clothing, shoes, and accessories to become more organised and accessible.
  • Rearrange everything so that you can get to the bathroom quickly and easily.


For most elderly or disabled people, a typical bathroom in a Superior, WI house is a safety hazard. When you can’t pull yourself off the toilet or get in and out of a bathtub/shower combo, it might be difficult to take care of basic hygiene needs. Put these home safety things on your checklist based on the person’s needs.

  • Install grab bars on the shower or tub’s outside.
  • Install grab bars in the tub or shower.
  • Install grab bars in the vicinity of the toilet.
  • A walk-in tub can be used instead of regular tubs.
  • Install easy-to-reach shelves or storage for toiletries and towels at wheelchair height sink and counter – lower the sink and counter if necessary.
  • Install good lighting in and around the bathroom.
  • Non-slip flooring should be installed.
  • Make sure there’s enough area to move about.
  • Make sure there’s enough area for any specific mobility devices.


Slip and fall accidents, catastrophic injuries, and unintentional kitchen fires may all occur as we become older. It should always be on your home remodelling checklist for elderly parents to take the required steps to avoid kitchen mishaps. These unique characteristics can help you stay safe in the kitchen:

Reaching down and then inside the oven to insert or move objects requires a significant amount of stooping, strength, and balance. When an elderly person tries to reach inside the oven to insert or remove food, they are generally injured by the heated components.


  • Excellent lighting in the kitchen, with an emphasis on the food preparation and cooking areas.
  • In the kitchen, there is plenty of room to turn around and work.
  • Dish cloths should be stored somewhere other than on the stove to avoid catching fire.
  • Clean stove vents cause fires, so make sure you have good ventilation above the stove.
  • With a battery backup, a working smoke detector is available.
  • Easy-to-find, well-organized storage
  • There’s a spot for everything, including food prep places on the counter.
  • The gas range has an automated shut-off feature.
  • Flooring that is non-slip
  • There are no rugs or other potential trip hazards.