So, you might be wondering why some or all of the gadgets, windows, or doors you installed a few years ago are starting to break down. Everything eventually breaks down, but it shouldn’t happen two years after- especially when the manufacturer guaranteed it would last you up to 5 years or more. 

Before you get on social media to lash out at the manufacturers, you should assess your cleaning habits first. If you’ve got terrible cleaning habits, you can destroy many gadgets, furniture, etc., in your house. Below, I’ll highlight some cleaning mistakes that lower home value. Let’s dive in. 

Not Washing or Always cleaning the Window

Let’s talk about the Window for a second. When last did you clean it? For starters, you should understand the kind of Window you have before deciding what the cleaning routine is like. Are your windows high or low maintenance? 

If they are high maintenance, you need to clean them as frequently as instructed by the manufacturer. However, if they are low maintenance, you should consult the manual to know how often you should clean them. 

Also, what cleaning agent is right for it? Otherwise, you could reduce the Window’s value by cleaning it with the wrong agent. 

Abrasive Cleaners

Of course, your table, floors, and other surfaces need to be cleaned. However, you have to know what kind of cleaners are suitable for them. For instance, very few surfaces are compatible with abrasive cleaners. 

In other words, many surfaces are incompatible with abrasive cleaners. The sad news is that most homemade cleaners are made from abrasive agents that could be detrimental to the value of your household items. Most shiny surfaces like the floor lose their shine and quality when you habitually clean them with abrasive cleaners. 

Ignoring the Swimming pool and hot tubs

These relaxation elements are amazing when they look beautiful and well-maintained. But, it’s easy to get comfortable in comfort it brings that you forget to treat and maintain them. When that happens, the pool gets messed up, losing its attraction and value. 

So, consider treating your pool often. You can hire a professional to walk you through the proper maintenance process. Also, when it’s time to replace the pool water, don’t forget to do it. Take care of your hot tub too.

Your Cleaning Motion

It’s okay to clean your steel and shiny items with the right cleaning agent. However, you’ll have to pay attention to your cleaning motion. Cleaning steel items and shiny surfaces in a circular motion degrade their appearance and value. 

The marks tend to be all over the item. More so, their appearance moves from shiny to dull. The best way to do this is to follow the grain. Clean in the grain’s direction. 

Cleaning with one rag

There’s such a thing as a cleaning kit. If you spend time building it, you won’t have to use a single rag to clean the entire house. Cleaning your home with a single rag devalues the items in your house. You’re better off with dedicated rags for the counter, ceiling, toilet, etc. The same goes for brushes too.

Your brush and its holder

After using your brush, it’s wrong to return it to its holder immediately. You’ll pile up germs in the brush holder and the brush. So, when re-using it, you’re simply reapplying germs on your surfaces. The best thing to do is dry the brush before replacing it in its holder.