Businesses are already in a massive hurry to benefit from influencer marketing and grow their brand to multiple counts. However, many business owners/marketers are not aware of making the best of influencer marketing and which platform to use for successful Digital Marketing.

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Undoubtedly, YouTube and Instagram are the two social media giants offering a vast customer base for businesses. Yet, getting favored results from influencer marketing isn’t simple as a cup of tea. Numerous tips can help you get the desired success. Below are the hidden hacks for newbie marketers to run a successful Influencer Marketing campaign for your business.

HACK 1: Don’t Work with Influencers with Bot Followers

The increasing demand for influencers across the globe has invited numerous people to use unethical practices to boost their followers/subscribers. Such so-called influencers use Bots to increase their followers and represent themselves as famous influencers. You should avoid working with such influencers.

Influencers with bot followers always have less or no engagement. Instead, you should find a reputed name like Christina Calph, who has worked in many award-winning movies and has a presence across different social platforms. The best way to find such influencers is by checking their posts and engagement rate.

HACK 2: Avoid Influencers who run PAID Ads to Increase engagement

Some influencers have authentic followers, yet the content quality isn’t appropriate for brand promotion. Such influencers prefer a paid campaign on the posts to increase engagement and deliver you good results. You should know that running Paid Ads isn’t a good practice for influencers to get better results with the same budget.

Hence, you should check the posts and find out the average engagement. If you find limited posts with blasting engagement stats, the chances of Paid Ads are high.

HACK 3: Consider Influencer with Regular Posting Habits

Most influencers have a daily-posting habit across different social channels. Yet, some of them delete their non-performing posts to hide the bad stats and get a higher engagement average. However, this isn’t a good practice to delete the non-performing posts and show only good ones.

You should thoroughly check the timeline of every influencer. It’s good to follow and track their posts for a few weeks before concluding your decision. If you find any discrepancies in their posts, omit the name from your list.

HACK 4: Use Different Social Channels

Influencers always have a strong audience at a specific platform. It means they lack a huge audience on other social platforms. When looking for an influencer, try to choose one with sound followers count across multiple social channels. Promoting your brand via different social media will reach a new and broader audience base.

So, if you are all set to put your marketing budget on influencer marketing, you should know about different social platforms available to start your marketing journey. If you are planning Instagram marketing, there are Instagram influencer marketing challenges that you might face in the process.

Understand the social platform and determine expected challenges that can help you better overcome them and get desired results.