Whether you’re heading out of town or just staying in Kansas City for a night, airport parking is often one of the most expensive parts of traveling. In this article, we’ll go over some of the many ways you can save money and ensure you get a spot.

How to Save Money on Airport Parking?

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Tips for getting a spot on your first try:

1. Plan Ahead – Make sure you plan your airport parking ahead of time, especially if you’ll be flying during busy times. Book your parking through an online reservation service or through the parking lot’s attendant.

2. Shop Around – Compare prices and find the best deal on airport parking. Some parking lots offer discounts for bundling other services, like checking in online or using a loyalty card.

3. Get Creative – If you can’t find a spot in the lot, look for alternative options nearby. Try circling the airport multiple times or looking for off-airport parking in neighboring cities.

4. Be Flexible – If you have to change your plans last minute, don’t panic! Many airports offer late-night and weekend rates, and some lot operators will allow passengers to stay until their vehicle is ready, even if they’ve already checked out.

Alternatives and Things to Do While Waiting for a Spot

If you’re visiting Kansas City and need to find a place to park your car while you’re away, there are a few alternatives available. Many people opt to use the public parking lots at the airport, but these can be expensive. Additionally, many of these lots fill up quickly on busy days, so it’s important to plan ahead. 

Another option is finding parking in downtown Kansas City. Parking in this area can be more expensive than using the airport lot, but it’s usually less crowded, and you don’t have to worry about your car being taken if you leave it for too long. There are also a number of private parking garages that are usually cheaper than using the public lot at the airport. 

Finally, if all else fails and you need to find parking as soon as possible, try looking for street parking or valet service. These options can be more expensive, but they’re usually available on short notice.