Fuzzbug Reviews – This portable bug repellent device is an insect repellent lamp designed for people who mostly spend their time outdoors exposed to insects. According to the official website, it is a 2-in-1 product, a lamp and an insect killer with an appealing design making it more valuable and practical for every person. Unlike other insect killer solutions that need a constant electric supply or involve using sprays or chemicals, this one is effortless. There are no chemicals or materials inside that may fit it unsuitable for some people, children, or pets in the house. Besides, it is a rechargeable device that can be your companion for adventurous trips like trekking, hiking, camping, etc.

fuzzbug reviews

As temperatures increase, you will notice lots of insects, including the houseflies, mosquitoes, bugs, and moths around you. Though these insects are present all year round, summer is their favorite time to come out, breed, and mark their presence. The role of insects in a natural ecosystem is widely acknowledged, but no one can deny how annoying and irritating they are for humans. No matter what you do and where you go, these tiny bugs make their way and end up biting you, transmitting you various infections.

The best way to avoid getting bitten by these insects is to avoid them in the first place. But if your work role or routine includes spending most of your time outdoors or in open areas, there is practically no way to avoid them. The insect repellent coils, mats, creams, and sprays only provide limited help and cause breathing and skin issues in sensitive people. Does this mean you have no ways to save yourself? Not anymore because the FuzeBug is here to make your summer less frustrating. Keep reading our fuzzbug reviews.

What Is a Fuzzbug Device?

Fuzzbug is a rechargeable and portable device that kills all insects that come in close contact with it. It can be placed on any leveled surface or hung near a window where insect entry is expected. As per the official website, it kills flies, bugs, mosquitoes, and other creepy crawlers that may be poisonous. Every year thousands of people are diagnosed with diseases spread through insects such as dengue, malaria, Lyme disease, West Nile disease, etc. it is for your own protection to do everything to avoid them before they bite you.

With more than 32,000 happy customers, Fuzzbug is here to make your summers easy. It uses UV-free light; thus, the exposure of UV is not even a chance. The battery timing is up to 20 hours after one full cycle of charge. It has a small body and almost no weight; you can even take it with you during traveling and use it wherever needed. There are dozens of other insect-killing lamps available, but none of them has this aesthetic look, long battery time, and usefulness as provided by the Fuzzbug lamp.


Striking Features of FuzeBug Device

Here are the primary product features of this insect repellent lamp.

  1. Works against all types of flying or crawling insects.
  2. It uses light to kill insects.
  3. It only weighs 7 oz.
  4. Uses no chemicals inside
  5. It is 100% safe for everyone
  6. It covers 37g square feet area around
  7. Its inner coil voltage is 1000v
  8. It works for up to 20 hours

Where To Use Fuzzbug?

Despite being presented as an outdoor insect repellent, there is no specific place to use this lamp. You can use FuzeBug outdoors as well as indoors, depending upon your usage. It is better than buying two products, one for outdoor and one for indoor, plus, it is light-weight and travel-friendly, so you can take it with you, no matter where you live.

You can use it in a camp, backyard, room, around the pool, or in the kitchen. Some Fuzzbug reviews by the customers report that they have put in their bedrooms and use it for light as well as insect protection. Make sure that you place it on a leveled surface in a corner or any place where insects show up the most. According to the official website, it takes at least two hours to completely clear the area, and its light range is up to 375 square feet. If you plan to use it indoors, place it around any corner, turn it on and close the room for two hours. When you return after this time, there will be no insects flying around. Alternatively, you may also use it outdoors by placing it somewhere around you.

How Does Fuzzbug Kills Insects?

Fuzzbug lamp is an illuminator that has no chemical or fragrance. It has an attractive purple shaded light that compels the insects to come and touch it. When they come close to this light, the 1000v coil inside burns them instantly. You might have to clean the tray and area around the lamp after its one-time use.

Its strategy is very different from the traditional insect killers that use chemicals to kill insects. Moreover, the non-fragrant nature makes it suitable for people with allergies, sinusitis, and seasonal flu.

The official website confirms that it can clear as far as 375 sq ft which is a considerably large area compared to other insect repellents. It may be hard to trust this product, but if you use it once, you will fall in love with its benefits. There are no monthly or bi-monthly charges, and Fuzzbug reviews is only a one-time investment. You can use it all summer and may also continue its usage in winter.

As mentioned before, you can also use it as a light. The device comes with a button that adjusts the brightness of its light. This way, you can use it in place of light and get rid of undesirable insects at the same time.

How To Set Up Fuzzbug Repellent?

Using a Fuzzbug lamp is super easy. It is a rechargeable device which means you have to connect it with an electricity source for some time before using it. This device has a built-in USB port which you can use to connect it with a charger. The red light on the lamp means the device is currently being charged. This light changes to green when it is fully charged. At this point, the lamp is ready to use.

Press the button on the front to switch it on. The light emitted by the Fuzzbug reviews lamp is purple which is pleasing to the eyes. It works as a wireless device and doesn’t have to be placed around a charging switch. If you are using it indoors, make sure that you close the room for some time, giving it a full chance to do its job.

Why Do Customers Love Fuzzbug Mosquito Repellent?

The official website states that the number of satisfied customers has reached 32,000 individuals from all parts of the world. Its popularity shows that it is very effective and user-friendly, which is why people love it. Here are a few reasons that make it worth every penny of your money.

There are thousands of people who acknowledge its benefits

  1. It has an official website with detailed information about it.
  2. You can use the physical address of the company to track it.
  3. It has minimal weight and is easy to carry.
  4. Available for international deliveries.
  5. It is easy to use.
  6. It is travel-friendly.
  7. Affordable and meets everyone’s budget.
  8. The company offers discounts and bundle packs.
  9. You can buy more lamps by paying less.
  10. 100% satisfaction guaranteed

Where To Buy Fuzzbug Device? Is It Affordable?

Now that you know everything about this insect-repellent lamp, you can make a better decision. If you are interested in trying it, buy it from the official website.

The lamp is only available online, and it is not available at any local or online store. The company advises everyone to buy it from the web store directly to get a genuine product. All that it needs is your primary information, a delivery address, and proof of payment. There are many options to complete the payment, including credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal.

What If You Don’t Like This Product?

Fuzzbug is only available online, but online shopping is not as trustworthy as most people believe. Additionally, the growing risk of scams has made everyone scared to trust an online product, so the biggest issue on Fuzzbug lamp is raised about its availability.

The company is only taking online orders with no middlemen, resellers, or distributors. When anything is readily available, its chances of fraud increase, which is why the company is being extra protective. Secondly, the company is offering a 30-day full money-back guarantee on all orders of Fuzzbug to win the trust of its customers. Under this offer, you can buy a Fuzzbug reviews device and use it for a few days or weeks and then decide about keeping it. In case you like the product and are willing to use it all season, no one can stop you. But if you don’t find this lamp any helpful and wish to receive your money back, the company will do it for you.

You have to contact the company and inform it about your decision. Moreover, you may have to send the purchased lamp back to complete the refund requirements. Here is the address to send your return parcels.

You have to contact the company and inform it about your decision. Moreover, you may have to send the purchased lamp back to complete the refund requirements. Here is the address to send your return parcels.” that says, “And keep in mind, if you’re nervous that an insect gave you a disease, get a dengue, malaria, or lyme disease test; many of which are available online or through your doctor.