DELTA-8 MOON ROCKS: What are they?

It is first necessary to understand what delta-8 THC is in order to comprehend moon rocks delta-8. Delta-8 is a cannabinoid that is found in hemp and cannabis plants that is very similar to delta-9 which is the principal psychoactive ingredient found in cannabis. Delta-9 provides you with that mellow and happy sensation, but it can also cause anxiety and paranoia when you smoke marijuana. Delta-8 provides a similar, but more pleasant feeling that does not create the same fear and anxiety.

What is the difference between the two?

The main difference between delta-8 and THC, apart from delta-8 delivering a milder high and a less intense high, is that delta-8 could originate from hemp plants so it’s legal under the new 2018 Farm Bill. This means that even if you are in a state where recreational marijuana remains legal, you might possibly be able to get the same experience with delta-8 in a legal manner.

DELTA-8 THC’s effects

There is no doubt that delta-8 will give you a high, but it is not nearly as powerful as delta-9. For some, this is beneficial, since certain individuals don’t mix well with cannabis and feel uncomfortable when they attempt to indulge in it. If you’re this kind of person, you might find delta-8 to be an even more pleasurable experience. Its effects include euphoric feelings of relaxation, a boost in mood as well as mild pain relief.


Since delta-8 can only be found in tiny amounts in hemp and cannabis species, the best method to create a useful quantity is to create a concentrated distillate which manufacturers typically pack inside vape cartridges. Although this is efficient and has been gaining popularity lately, vaping isn’t for all. Many who experiment with vaping discover that they do not feel the same as smoking a traditional flower. Delta-8 moon rocks are a method to get the experience you had with traditional flowers as well as increasing power.

Moon rocks delta 8 flowers that have been soaked in delta-8 distillate in order to create an item of flower that contains tiny amounts of delta-9 but is a plethora of delta-8. They are placed into a CBD or CBG kief mixture to give it a greater cannabinoid boost and an alien appearance.

Delta-8 moon rock is a much more potent method of enjoying delta-8 THC and since it is made with Terpenes the flavor is more intense and satisfying. They take the classic flowering experience and elevate them to a totally distinct place that is different from another ways to enjoy hemp flower, delta-8 CBD or CBG.

Here is how you can make DELTA-8 MOON ROCK

The process of making delta-8 moon rock is similar to that of creating a supergroup, except that the band is composed of CBD, CBG, and hemp rather than Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young. This blend draws inspiration from every corner of the cannabinoid world legal to produce something that appears and smells, tastes, and has a sensation that is utterly different.

To make a pop culture analogy, creating delta-8 moon rocks is similar to George Clooney in Ocean’s 11 by assembling a group of cannabinoid experts to accomplish the job that no one else could accomplish on their own. The foundation is made of high-quality hemp flower that forms the basis to which the other ingredients are added. The flower is then immersed into a delta-8 distillate which is infused with terpenes, which provide it with an exceptional taste.

The resultant marijuana buds that are sticky are wrapped with CBD as well as CBG kief, which makes them appear to be psychoactive shards of the moon itself, pried from space by an astronaut and then returned to earth for those looking for an affordable and legal alternative to cannabis.

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