For a variety of causes, two people may get separated from their marriage. They might wish to get divorced in the future. It is, without a doubt, a trying experience. However, if you don’t take the required precautions right once, things can spiral out of control quickly.

Also, you should understand your obligations and rights before filing for divorce in Alberta. For instance, if you live in Alberta, you must know how much does a divorce cost in Alberta? Thus if both you and your ex-spouse work together and prepare from the beginning, getting divorced can be a simple procedure.

Throughout the article, we will provide you with everything you need to know about divorce in Alberta.

7 Things You Need to Know About Divorce in Alberta

For the most part, the first steps are predictable. Surprisingly, the first step in learning everything there is to know about divorce is figuring out how to avoid it and limit the damage it causes to you and your family.

But if divorce is the only option, here are a few things you should be aware of beforehand:

Professional counselling

The Calgary Counselling Centre offers sliding-scale counselling to ensure that everyone can benefit. A few sessions are frequently compensated for others if you have job insurance or a healthcare spending account.

Consider mediation

Both lawyers and non-lawyers can serve as professional mediators. People should be aware that divorce can assist many people in resolving their concerns without going to court. Many law firms offer mediation services to separated couples who want to get back together quickly.

Know your parental rights

When choosing what type of temporary custody order to award, courts typically look at the “status quo” parenting schedule. We propose that both the involved parties figure out a parenting schedule beforehand.

Often, two parenting schedules are required: the initial temporary one and the primary parenting plan, which is the more permanent schedule and is only susceptible to change if the parties or children’s circumstances change.

Consider the costs

Know about the costs of legal procedures and discuss them well beforehand. Though it is difficult to estimate the exact cost, we can give you a rough estimate:

  • Cost of uncontested divorce- $1,740
  • Cost of contested divorce- $23,730
  • Cost of separation agreement- $2,500
  • Cost of child custody and support- $15,950

To begin with, a competent lawyer will ask between $2,000 to $5,000 to begin the case works. The more time the case takes, the more money is required to pay the divorce attorney. 

Keep in mind that the less the lawyers agree on, the more costly your case will be. Make sure you have enough credit or set aside money in a separate account for paying the legal bills.

Collect all the financial information

Prior to your initial consultation with a lawyer, make a list of your assets, income, and debts. Some pensions have restrictions on when they can be divided. Before finalizing the divorce, we normally recommend dividing or dealing with other pensions.

Also, the parties can do a tax-free turnover of their RRSPs. This is standard practice to ensure that both partners have equal RRSP contributions following a divorce. If the divorce is finalized too early, the tax-free portion of the rollover is lost, and tax penalties occur.

Gather the required documents

Based on the case, the Alberta divorce paperwork may differ. The paperwork for a contentious and uncontested divorce, for example, is different. You will need to deal with additional paperwork if there are children. 

These are some general principles for everyone, regardless of the kind of circumstances of their divorce:

  • Recent year tax returns
  • Bank statements
  • Mortgage payment documents
  • Property assessments
  • Complete property list
  • Investment-related documents
  • Pension plans
  • Insurance documents


Divorce does not necessarily have to be a horrible experience if you plan ahead and communicate well with your spouse. Always keep in mind that divorce is more than a two-person separation. There are family members and other people in your life involved. And if you have children to look after and assets to divide, the overall process can be overwhelming.

Besides, both partners and children are subjected to mental stress during and after marriage. As a result, everyone involved in the process should be supportive of one another. For the sake of your children, you should prevent unpleasant feelings. Thus, you need to know everything about divorce in Alberta before filing for separation.