Treatments for permanent makeup have saved lives. They can mimic the appearance of wearing makeup in non-washable, non-smudging semi-permanent variants. Although microblading is still the most popular technique, nano brows have gained ground to take a close second place in the new era of brow tattoos.

Although it’s done differently, the nano brows treatment produces an appearance that is comparable to microblading. Commonly used terms used to describe this technique are nano brows and nanoshading.

What are nano brows?

With the use of a tattoo machine and a needle, the permanent cosmetics method known as nano adds tiny hair strokes to the skin to simulate individual hairs, giving the brows more volume and shape. These tiny hair strokes are referred to as nano brows.

Nano shading: what is it?

To give the tail end of the brow more depth, nano shading is a method that combines nano strokes with shade. The purpose of developing the Nano Shading technology was to assist clients who lacked sufficient hair density for simple hair strokes. Any customer seeking a natural-looking yet well-defined hair stroke brow will find that the additional coloring at the tail end gives their brow a more genuine appearance.

Who Qualifies for Nano Brows and Shading?

People who want to spend less time applying makeup and always look youthful and glowing nanoshading oklahoma city are for you.

Although they may be used on oily skin as well, nano brows perform best on dry to normal skin. Strokes made with a machine are more resistant to pigment migrations than those made by hand, which is why microblading is not advised for clients with oily skin and wide pores due to the risk of strokes blurring.

So, regardless of your skin type, you can obtain nano brows, but be mindful that pigments tend to wear off more quickly on oilier skin. As with every eyebrow tattoo, there are other restrictions in addition to that. The procedure is not secure for:

  • Any individuals with bleeding problems
  • Individuals who use blood thinners.
  • A history of keloids or hypertrophic scarring in the population
  • People who are ill or infected with viruses
  • Chemotherapy patients for individuals with skin irritants, Rosacea, Eczema, or Psoriasis close to the treated area

Furthermore, it’s crucial to note that shading and nano blading are less painful than microblading, making them ideal for those with low pain tolerance.

How long does the procedure take?

Nano brows are developed during two sessions: the first application and the follow-up touch-up.

Depending on the amount of work involved, the first treatment lasts for about two hours. Different clients require different numbers of strokes. The procedure will certainly take significantly longer if the brows are completely new.

The second session takes less time. This is a time to evaluate how the brows have recovered and, if required, apply additional pigment because some of it probably vanished while the skin was healing.


Anyone who wants a natural-looking brow improvement but has grown weary of filling in their brows each morning can consider nanoshading oklahoma city.

 Put an end to applying makeup every day, spending a fortune on eyebrow products, and touching up your makeup all day. Sports and humid weather won’t be able to affect your flawless permanent eye makeup.