Cricket is believed to have originated from India, while Hockey only arrived in India after the British colonised the country. Cricket has always been more popular in India than Hockey, and this is likely because Cricket is a more strategic game which lends itself well to a spectator-based format like television. 

There are many cricketing legends such as Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid who have dominated the sport in India for many years. Cricket also enjoys strong support from the government, with infrastructure being developed in order to help promote the sport, making it one of the most successful sports in India.

That is why Fantasy cricket is also one of the most popular pastimes in India, and for good reason. It’s a way to get out and have some fun while participating 

Cricket is a sport that is generally considered to be more popular in countries such as England, Australia, and India than hockey is. There are a few reasons for this. 

Firstly, cricket is easier to follow than hockey. While both sports involve running, hitting balls with a stick, and trying to score goals, cricket is much simpler to understand than hockey. Secondly, cricket has a much longer history than hockey. Cricket has been played for centuries, whereas hockey was only developed in the late 1800s. 

Finally, cricket is much more lucrative than hockey. Cricket players can make a great deal of money from playing professional cricket, while ice hockey players typically only earn a modest living from playing the sport.

Reasons Why Cricket is a Popular Sport in India than Hockey

  • Cricket is a less physical sport

Cricket is a less physical sport than hockey in India. This means that cricket players do not need to be as strong, fast, or agile as hockey players. 

In fact, cricket is sometimes referred to as the “gentleman’s game.” This is because it is a very slow-paced sport which relies on strategy and finesse more than brute strength.

Furthermore, cricket is much more popular in countries such as England, Australia, and India where the weather is warmer than in colder countries such as Canada or the United States. 

This is because cricket players can wear heavier clothing which protects them from the cold weather. Hockey players in Canada or the United States would need to wear lighter clothing which would make them more vulnerable to the cold weather.

Overall, cricket is a less physical sport which makes it more popular in countries where the weather is warmer.

  • Cricket has a lot of variations

Cricket is a very successful game in comparison to Hockey in India. Cricket has a lot of variations that make it interesting for spectators. For example, there is cricket on grass, hard ground, and even fantasy cricket (which is played on a virtual platform). 

There are also different formats of the game, like first-class cricket, T20 cricket, and domestic cricket. All these variations provide a more exciting experience for spectators. Cricket also has a long history which makes it more interesting and appealing to watch.

  • Cricket is played in warmer climates
  1. Cricket is a game with a history that goes back many centuries
  2. Cricket is played by men and women in all parts of the world
  3. Cricket is considered a gentleman’s game
  4. International Cricket Council (ICC) oversees the sport globally
  • Cricket is a sport which is played outdoors

Cricket is a sport which is played outdoors in all parts of the world. This sport is also more popular in India than any other country. Cricket has been played in India for more than two centuries now. This popularity can be attributed to many reasons.

Firstly, cricket is a very challenging sport and it takes a lot of skill and determination to play this game well. 

Secondly, cricket is a very social game and it is enjoyed by all age groups. 

Thirdly, cricket is an exciting sport and it offers plenty of opportunities for both personal and team achievements. Lastly, cricket is a very affordable sport and it can be enjoyed by all socioeconomic classes.

  • Cricket has a much older history in India

Cricket is a game that is very popular in many parts of the world. There are many reasons why cricket is such a successful game in comparison to hockey in India.

One reason is that cricket has a much older history in India. The first recorded match took place in 1719, which makes it over 400 years old compared to only 100 years for hockey. This means that there are more people who are familiar with cricket and have grown up playing it. 

Plus, the popularity of cricket has led to the development of many great academies and stadiums all over India, which has made the sport even more popular.

Another reason why cricket is so popular in India is that it is a team sport. In hockey, one player typically dominates the field, while in cricket teams work together to score points. This makes for a much more exciting and enjoyable game to watch, since spectators can see both individual and team skills being put to use. 

Additionally, the fact that there are three different formats of cricket (first-class, List A, and T20) makes it more challenging for players and provides a wider range of opportunities for spectators to enjoy the sport.

  • Cricket is less expensive to play than hockey
  1. Cricket is a well-known sport across the globe
  2. It can be played in all weather conditions
  3. Cricket is a physically demanding sport which makes it more appealing to people
  4. The spirit of cricket is very strong in India and this has helped it grow immensely as a sport

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