Adding a patio or deck to your home is worth every penny of its price, because it will add a new element to your home. Well planned patio can take some empty gravel space, and turn that into the most pleasant spot in your homes. Patios can be an ideal place to have breakfast or tea party with your friends or family members. You can utilize the area to arrange BBQ or late-night gatherings at your place. And you can use it for outdoor beds with fire pits to relax with your loved ones. To cut a long story short, patio can be a wonderful extension to your home.

How it Adds Value to your Property:

  • If you are living in a hot and humid region, having a patio with lots of plants (and maybe a large shade tree) will be an ideal retreat to spend the summer evenings or nights. You can go one step ahead and invest on a water garden with a water fountain or recirculating pump.
  • Patio doesn’t always need to be in the open. You can use pergola, curtains, screen, stone walls, or panels to create a cozy and private space for recreation purpose.
  • You can also add fire pits to your patio for winters. Your family or friends can have a sit-around, or you can simply lie down on an outdoor bed and gaze at stars.

These are just some ideas, but there are endless options for home owners to use patio for adding a new dimension and quite some value to their properties.

Paving Option

There are many different options available for paving. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of the most common ones.

Concrete: Concrete is a mixture of cement, sand, and gravel, and it provides a cost-effective option for people looking to add a patio to their homes. The best part about concrete is that you can achieve just about any shape or design while using the substance. You will get a plain, durable surface that is hard-wearing. The downsides include the possibility of cracking and a blunt look.

Stone: Stones are quite long lasting and they can add a lot of charm to your patios. Stones can withstand the weather extremities and while it can be a costly option, the low-cost maintenance will pretty much make up for the initial expense. However, stone patios do not provide an even surface, which is a drawback, especially if you are looking to use outdoor furniture.

Bricks: Patio bricks are a little different than the typical bricks used in home construction. These bricks come in different colors and patterns. But you will need a plain surface to install bricks, and even then, brick surface can end up being patchy over a period of time.

Wood: Wooden decks are easily the most natural looking and stylish option available, when it comes to patios or deck. Contrary to the popular belief, wooden decks will not cost a lot; however the maintenance cost is quite high. And you can also use vinyl, if you are concerned about the cost.

Ceramic Tiles: You can also use unglazed ceramic or porcelain tiles intended for outdoor usage. But while the tiles can provide a polished and neat look, they can be quite slippery and might not be a good idea, especially if you are looking to have a pool.  

Patio Furniture:

Patios can be an ideal place to gather around a dining table for breakfast or tea party with your friends or family members. You can utilize the area to arrange BBQ or late-night gatherings at your place.

When looking for patio furniture, you have got many different options to choose from. Patio furniture includes outdoor lounge chairs, outdoor sofas, outdoor coffee tables, outdoor dining tables and chairs, outdoor umbrellas, cushions, covers, and fire pits.

Your garden furniture needs to be comfy, long lasting, and pleasant looking, all at the same time. The furniture needs to be of highest quality, because it will have to bear the weather elements, so you need to choose the material carefully. Patio furniture is available in wood, wrought iron or steel, plastic, aluminium, or bamboos. You must keep your specific needs and requirements in mind instead of going for the looks alone.