The mouth, which is the beginning of the digestive system, is a very favorable environment for the growth of microorganisms due to its openness to the external environment and contact with food. For this reason, in the absence of regular, correct and effective oral and dental care, diseases of the tissues in the mouth and teeth can cause significant health problems in people. In addition to health, neglected mouth and teeth will cause an unpleasant appearance and negatively affect the quality of life in social, psychological and physiological terms.

Oral and dental care in childhood

In order to have healthy teeth in adulthood, oral and dental care should be carried out regularly from the time the first teeth erupt in childhood. Milk teeth, which begin to erupt in infancy and complete their development between the ages of 2 and 3, are later shed and replaced by the permanent teeth that will grow. There is a misconception among the public that milk teeth in childhood do not require much care because they will fall out anyway. Failure to pay sufficient attention to oral and dental care during childhood, when deciduous teeth are present, causes decay and premature loss of deciduous teeth and negatively affects the health of permanent teeth.

Proper oral and dental care training by parents during childhood and the acquisition of this habit is very important for the child to have healthy teeth in adulthood. During this period, families should practice regular dental care with their children, who accept their parents as role models. Choosing toothbrushes and toothpastes suitable for the child’s taste will make oral and dental care more fun and is very useful in terms of gaining the habit of brushing teeth.

In Turkey, teeth whitening is very common for oral and dental care. Implant treatments are also common. Implant treatment in Turkey also includes many options. Implants in Turkey are applied by specialists and using the latest technology products. In Turkey, treatment can be performed within a personalized plan in many areas from medical tourism to bariatric surgery and hair transplant operations. Especially in the field of obesity treatment, people give importance to location-based searches. Obesity treatment in Turkey can be given as an example for these searches. 

Oral and dental care in adulthood

In adulthood, especially around the age of 25, when the adolescent period ends, when the body’s building activities are quite rapid, the superiority of bone formation over bone destruction begins to end. For this reason, oral and dental care should be paid much more attention to prevent tooth weakening and tooth loss. Particular attention should be paid to adequate intake of components such as vitamin D, calcium and phosphorus, which are found especially in milk and dairy products and play a role in dental health.

In addition to tooth decay, the incidence of gum diseases is also quite high in adulthood. In order to prevent gingival recession and inflammation, plaques covering the tooth surface and hidden under the gums should be cleaned regularly. If there is calculus formation, the dentist should be consulted and the stone plaques should be cleaned. It is a common misconception among the public that tooth decay and tooth loss during pregnancy is normal and that it is also inconvenient for pregnant women to undergo dental treatment. It should be kept in mind that tooth decay and tooth loss can be prevented in mothers who pay due attention to their nutrition and oral care during pregnancy, and dental treatment can be applied in pregnant women when deemed necessary by the dentist.