As a beginner business marketer that understands the importance of using Instagram, you’ll surely agree with us that the “number of followers” is more of a vanity metric. It’s possible to have tens or hundreds of thousands of followers and not get anything out of them. This is especially true if most of the followers are none active or bots. Even if these followers are real, without tracking your follower growth, you’ll most likely struggle to get the best results. Snoop Report is one of the most effective tools to track your follower growth to improve your marketing campaign.

But how effectively can this Instagram tracker help you track your follower growth the right way? Read further to get clarity on your question and a few others.

Here’s what you should know about the Instagram follower growth rate

Knowing your Instagram follower growth rate goes a long way in helping you improve your marketing strategies. Unfortunately, a lot of marketers often overlook this statistic.

By tracking your Instagram follower growth rate, you’ll get to understand how slow or fast your IG followers count grows. Checking this growth rate will keep you informed about whether your followers are increasing or decreasing.

Two key factors that help you better understand your follower growth rate on Instagram are the number of followers at the beginning of a period and the total followers gained within a tracking period.

With the right Instagram tracker, such as Snoopreport you should be able to gain a better insight into your follower growth rate. For instance, let’s say you want to track the growth rate for September 2022. Furthermore, with the right Instagram activity tracker, you can get information about the number of followers you had at the beginning of September and the total number of new followers all through the month.

Let’s say you had a total of 1,000 new followers in September. And you started with 100,000 followers at the beginning of the month. Your follower growth rate (FGR) is:

FGR = 10,000/100,000 *100℅ = 10 %

Importance of tracking your Instagram follower growth rate

Today, many goodies come with tracking your follower growth rate on Instagram. Overall, this move will help you restrategize your marketing approaches and opt for the ones that work best.

Below are a few other benefits of tracking your follower growth rate with the right Instagram tool, such as Snoop Report:

  • Tracking your follower growth rate will help you understand whether or not your business is growing the right way. If not, you can always readjust your existing marketing strategies to achieve better results.
  • Get better insights into how to better engage your followers and communicate with them for the best results.

How does Snoop Report work for tracking Instagram follower growth?

Does Snoop Report work for tracking follower growth on IG? The answer is yes; this Instagram tracker helps to track everything about your followers. Interestingly, you don’t need to download any app to take advantage of this tool to improve your business. You’ll also get to enjoy this service at an affordable price.

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