Awkward silence, uncomfortable questions, or, even worse, killing boredom… Your first date with one of the lovely Ukrainian brides can turn into a real disaster if you can’t find the best dating conversation starters!

Unfortunately, the first date is not always the best thing ever, but you can use these life hacks to bring your first date a little closer to the standards of Hollywood romantic melodramas!

Tell something interesting about yourself

There is one well-known psychological technique: in order to win over a person, you need to be the first to open up! Tell your partner something personal, specific, and don’t forget to be brief (this is another tip from psychologists).

Overconfident phrases like “I’m so…” can shock an unfamiliar person. Try to be self-critical. Admit, for example, that you are always late.

The most important thing is to tell the truth (who knows, maybe this first date will grow into something bigger?)!

Talk about your partner

Studies show that people like to talk about themselves most. So, Google your partner first: look for good conversation starters on his Facebook or Instagram page. Even when you are already sitting right there, at the table in a cafe, you still have time to check out his profile while he walks to wash his hands.

Any TV show or beautiful city your partner mentions in his feed can be a perfect conversation starter that will help you become closer to each other. So, just ask a question and let him speak. Those who listen well and empathize are considered the best interlocutors.

Hobbies and interests

Favorite music, movies, outdoor activities, sports, and books — these are, perhaps, the most universal topics of conversations. It is important to try to find these common topics since it will help you relieve tension and become a little closer, as well as learn more about each other and plan further meetings taking these common interests into account.

Try to learn as much as possible about a person, show your interest, share your hobbies: this way, you will prove yourself as a pleasant interlocutor and will be able to find a lot in common!

Childhood stories

This is one of the easiest and most fun topics that will come in handy for communication and can help you break the ice!

You can talk about the following things:

•        what games did you like to play as a child,

•        how you went on trips,

•        what comic stories happened to you,

•        what interesting happened to you in school,

•        how you learned to swim or ride a bike,

•        how you first fell in love, etc.

Speaking about such things will bring you lots of fun moments and help get closer to each other in no time!

Choose controversial rather than boring topics

The common mistake people make on the first date is choosing a safe topic that can make the whole conversation boring. So, if the situation gets tough, try to quickly come up with a very interesting topic to save the day!

Make the first conversation more piquant and catchy: try asking blunt questions such as “How many love affairs did you have?”, “When did you break up with your last partner?”, “Did you break someone’s heart recently?” can save any boring date and make the conversation exciting!

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