The difference between distillate and concentrates is one of the first things we need to learn when we are starting to use marijuana. People usually get confused by the innumerous types and sub-types of weed, so it is important to understand which is which before buying anything.

Overall, a cannabis concentrate, also known as concentrate, is a cannabis extract in which the essential compound from the marijuana is concentrated. As you may have noticed, it has a high potency, having something up to 85% THC.

Of course, the quality, potency, and other characteristics depend on the extraction technique that is used to create it. Most people and companies use solvents to make concentrates, in which the cannabis plant is dissolved into solvent liquids such as CO2, propane, ethanol, or butane. But don’t worry, the solvent liquids are removed from the extract in the end.

Because of this process, there are some different types of concentrate, like sauce, rosin, crumble, shatter, moonrocks, and even distillates. Yes, is that confusing.

The thing is: you can distillate concentrates, which means that you can distill cannabinoids from concentrates. This way, you can refine it to 90% or more THC, so it becomes even more concentrated. However, that is an exceptional type of distillate.

The distillate is also a cannabis extract that is refined after the extraction process so specific compounds can be isolated, just like CBD and THC. Because of this incredible process, distillates may have cannabinoids up to 95%. It is a liquid compound with no taste or odor, and it is commonly transparent or amber.

Now, how do you consume them? There are a lot of options. If you want to consume concentrate, you can just smoke it by sprinkling it in your bow or joint it. You can also consume it through dabbing. But be careful since dabbing can be a little overwhelming for some people. Nowadays, vaping is a very common method to consume concentrate, and it can be the perfect choice for those who want to keep it discreet. You can consume it through edibles, or even by putting some drops of cannabis tincture under your tongue.

You can vape a cannabis distillate to consume it. However, distillates have a higher potency, so the THC distillate oil may be a little too strong for some people. Be careful and know your limits. You can also consume it through edibles.

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